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Sep 7, 2007 02:47 PM

ISO: A cocktail with lemonade

To celebrate the end of summer, I want to make some cocktails that include lemonade. I've already got that part covered, but I need some suggestions on what to mix in it for a fun drink that tastes good.


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  1. Pimm's with lemonade and a little sprite? Need to add a lemon slice, an orange slice and the ubiquitous cucumber stirrer.

    1. What about an Aviation- uses lemon juice but not lemonade and it tastes a touch like lemonade.

      1. I make a pitcher of drinks that I like; I call it Braeburn Punch and it is adapted from something that I read on someone's blog (can't recall the specifics). It is something like this:
        1 bottle of dry hard cider (Strongbow, or your favorite)
        Some Pimms
        Some vodka
        Some lemonade
        Some grapefruit soda or 7-Up or, depending on your taste and your lemonade, possibly seltzer.

        Mix all together and add some sliced apples or other handy fruit to the pitcher. It's refreshing and should be sweet but not cloying.

        Proportions are entirely decided as you go along but if I had to guess I usually put something kind of like 1 part cider, 1 part soda, 1 part lemonade and .5 vodka and .5 Pimms. Or not. Maybe more vodka. It gets kind of hard to keep track of after a few pitchers and a few rounds of cutthroat croquet.


        1. i like absoulte citron in lemonade...i put in some ice and blend it...i don't go for a frozen drink thing, more just really fine crushed ice in a lemony drink.