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Favorite breakfast spots?

I hope I am the only one in town that can't find an original, kick ass breakfast. San Diego has them, SF plenty, but LA is rampant with the same menu over and over in a different neighborhood. Help me out Hounds-Make me a believer!

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  1. When it comes to breakfast, I'm usually fine with the same menu over and over as long as it's done well.

    But if you're talking about *original* breakfasts, you definitely need to check out Square One (savory) or Doughboy's (sweet). These places have breakfast menus of the type you're unlikely to see just about anywhere else on the planet.

    Square One Dining
    4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

    Doughboys Bakery
    1156 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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      Nat's Early Bite in Van Nuys does breakfast well! Homemade jams, marmalade, salsas and fresh fruit on the waffles. Cucumber Boy and I have made Nat's 'our place' for breakfast!

    2. You MUST try the Gaffey Street Cafe in San Pedro! Just take the 110 South until it ends in San Pedro and turn left. The cafe is on the right. The food is all homemade and the prices are great with very generous portions.

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        Preface: F-the pantry

        The Little Cafe in Tarzana
        Cheesecake Factory Sunday brunch, steak n eggs ONLY

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          Yes, Gaffey Street Diner is fantastic for breakfast. Especially like the biscuits & gravy and pancakes there

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            I would stay away from the Country Fried Steak, tho. Next time I am in the area, I think I will try the Eggs Benedict.

        2. Inn of The Seventh Ray's brunch buffet
          John O Groats
          Square One
          Aroma Cafe in Encino
          Sunday Brunch at the Universal Hilton
          Congee from san gabriel

          1. Here are some Valley picks - I can't drag myself over the hill that early on a weekend morning:

            Jumping Java in Studio City - great unique omelettes and pancakes larger than your head.
            Aroma on Tujunga in Studio City - nice garden atmosphere, hearty breakfasts with really fresh fruit.
            Caioti Pizza - surprisingly they have a decent spread for an Italian restaurant, and substitute complimentary mini cinnamon rolls for their signature nighttime garlic rolls.

            And actually, one 3rd street recommendation: The Little Next Door. They have a lovely selection of warm quiches and pastries, along with lavender and herbal infused champagne as an alternative to mimosas.

            1. You can get a darn tasty breakfast by wandering around most of the farmer's markets early in the morn. Or even in the late morning.

              1. The Peach Cafe in Monrovia does great breakfast, and on the weekends they do some awesome special breakfast/brunch items. The Peach Cafe Benedict is definitely worth a try.

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                  dingdingdingdingding!!! that cheese sauce~

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                    They serve cheese sauce on their benedict?

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                      Yes. It isn't a true benedict, but rather their own version of it. it is a maple bacon waffle with two slices of ham, two fried eggs and cheese sauce. not traditional, but good.

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                    Agreed. I LOVE their Monte Cristo. It is on a croissant, but they only grill the cut sides of it, not the top. Very lovely.

                  3. Assuming you mean American/European style breakfast. In the Pasadena area

                    Dish (La Canada)
                    Le Roys (Monrovia)
                    Marston's (Pasadena)
                    Julienne (San Marino)
                    Camillo's (Silver Lake)

                    There's of course dim sum but that a whole other beast i won't get into in this post.

                    Give us a little example of what you're looking for in breakfast and we might be able to home in on your tastes and give better options.

                    Two others places i haven't been first hand but i heard are good are madame Matisse and the Alcove.

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                      I second the Dish recommendation. Their buckwheat pancakes were especially delicious, and their restaurant had this retro American vibe to it. Fun for weekend breakfast (and I guess weekdays, too).

                      I've heard decent things about Auntie Em's, though I haven't had it myself. I liked their cupcakes though.

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                        Yes! Camillo's is great - eggs benedict!! YUM! Marstons and Le Roys, definitely. Want the best Chilaquiles? Try El Matador on Irwindale (just north of Arrow Hwy) in Irwindale. SO GOOD! I also like the breakfasts at The Reyn on North Lake in Pasadena. Andy's also has good general breakfasts (on Colorado before Hill).

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                          I finally tried Marston's recently after reading so many positive reviews on this board and was not impressed. Service was terrible and food was just OK, definitely not up to the hype it gets here.

                        2. Here are two more:
                          Grub (in Hollywood)
                          Quality (you will see regulars there)
                          BLD (for a more upscale morning meal)
                          I feel we have a great variety of breakfast places. Hope you have fun discoverig them.

                          1. Chinese breakfast (no NOT dim sum!):

                            Yung Ho Tou Chiang, on the corner of New and Valley in San Gabriel Valley. The Chinese version of a greasy Denny's Grand Slam (except much fresher and tastier, IMHO)...

                            Get the cruellers (yeo-tiao) and thin bread (sow-bing) with fresh soy milk (tou chiang)...

                            Yung Ho Tou Chiang
                            533 W. Valley Bl.
                            San Gabriel, CA 91776
                            (626) 570-0860

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                              Ever since the original owner sold the place (due to a health condition), Yung Ho Tou Chiang has taken a precipitous fall in quality.

                            2. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock, it's not as far as it sounds.
                              I don't get Sguare One. Bad service, average atmosphere at best and pretty bland standard breakfast fare.

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                                Was that the same Square One we went to? The one with the brisk, friendly service and the food to die for? And the interesting parade of passing Hubbardites? Even our one sadly hungover companion enjoyed everything as much as she possibly could...

                                Auntie Em's is really good, too, though especially at breakfast I much prefer to just sit there and let someone else take my order. At least Auntie Em's doesn't make you schlep your own...

                              2. In "The OC" it's Plum's on 17th st in Costa Mesa.

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                                  Agreed. Pacific Northwest, and that Dutch Baby!

                                  I went to Hugo's (Studio City?) and enjoyed that as well...but I'm a sucker for a good tea selection.

                                2. Phillipe's if a good brekker spot

                                  1. The Griddle Cafe on Sunset in Hollywood. Known for their pancakes but I love their egg dishes. And the French Press coffee is amazing.

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                                      Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock
                                      Marstons in Pasadena

                                    2. Places I eat breakfast by choice in the South Bay:
                                      Uncle Bill's, Manhattan Beach
                                      Original Pancake House, Torrance/Redondo Beach
                                      Wendy's (not chain), El Segundo

                                      1. Second the recs for Griddle Cafe, Doughboy's, and Quality.

                                        More than Waffles in the valley.
                                        Coral Tree Cafe for choc chip pancakes
                                        John O'Groats for buckwheat pancakes
                                        A Votre Sante for healthier fare
                                        Gardens at Four Seasons for lemon ricotta pancakes
                                        Hugo's for interesting omelettes and pasta and veggie things
                                        Newsroom Cafe
                                        Ed's Coffee Shop on Robertson does some good solid fare
                                        For something different, head to Pepy's Galley, Teresita's, Tonny's, or Chulada Grill for a mexican breakfast

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                                          Tokyo 777 in Culver City
                                          The Pantry
                                          Uncle Bills
                                          Local Yolk
                                          Any Greasy Greek Place Like Fantastic Cafe

                                        2. Hugo's (Studio City, Hollywood), Jinky's (Sherman Oaks, SM,Hollywood), CiCi's (Tarzana), John O'Groats (Westside), Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles (Hollywood), Back On The Beach (PCH - Food's okay but the location can't be beat)...

                                          1. another vote for hugo's.

                                            you might also want to try jinky's...the sheer volume of options on their menu pretty much ensures that you'll be able to find something atypical/unique...

                                            1. I just had breakfast at Cafe Flore on Sunset in Silverlake. I'm not vegan but it was wonderful. I have eaten other meals there and the The Salad is delicious but as far a breakfast goes, the buckwheat pancakes are thin and light, mine had blueberries in them.

                                              1. Just in case you find yourself down in San Juan Capistrano craving breakfast one day then head directly to Mollies. Great food, huge portions, reasonable prices, friendly people.

                                                Mollies Famous Cafe
                                                32033 Camino Capistrano
                                                San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675