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Sep 7, 2007 02:26 PM

Grocery Stores - Detroit Metro area

I am looking for two things: a great grocery store for everyday food shopping, especially one with good organic food (including organic baby food) and a wide selection of fresh produce and meat. I used to live near a really big Whole Foods Market and close to a Trader Joes, both of which I loved. Also, I really want to find some good ethnic markets (Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Mexican, etc.). I am in Macomb County (around I-94 and about 19 Mile). Thanks for any guidance!

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  1. Hate to be a sourpuss , but the pickins in Macomb county are slim indeed . Roselli's on Groesbeck around 13 mile is a nice Italian supply place , there is also a great German market/deli on Gratiot somewhere , I think around 15 mile . I-94 and 19 Mile ? Applebees territory , sorry .

    1. You could try Nino Salvaggio's on Hall Road -- they have a pretty good selection of meat and produce. If you want something even more fresh, Mt. Clemens has a Farmers Market every Friday and Saturday through November (it's on North River Rd about halfway between the downtown and Gibralter).

      Also, though it isn't very large, Grillo's Market in New Baltimore is a wonderful little Italian market/deli. It's located on 23 Mile, just east of Jefferson.

      1. I'd recommend Salvaggio's too for meat and produce. You might be closer to the one in St Clair Shores on Harper n of 11 mile, though the newer one on Hall Rd is quite a bit larger.
        The closest Whole Foods to you would probably be in Rochester Hills, on Walton w of Livernois, though they will be moving in the next few months to a bigger location about a mile west (Walton at Adams), which also happens to be across the street from a Trader Joe's. There is also a Trader Joe's coming before the end of the year on Kercheval in Grosse Pointe, which may be closer for you.

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          In the same shopping center as TJ's on Walton, there is a Busch's grocery store, which I recommend. A bit spendy but very good stuff and great variety.

          The Nino Salvaggio's in Troy is very nice, right off M59 which you should be pretty close to. There is also an Indian and a Polish market in the same shopping center at 19 mile (or 18 mile, can't remember!) and Dequindre.

          For Mexican I'd just head downtown to Mexicantown and seek out La Colmena.

          If you take Dequindre south from 19 mile, you'll find a lot of little Asian/Indian markets. There's a Middle Eastern market next to a Vietnamese market on John R south of 13 mile.

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          1. Kim Nhung Superfoods is a Vietnamese grocery store that stocks a lot of SE Asian products as well as Chinese groceries. Their address and location (along with other Asian stores in the area) are listed on my blog, under the AU MARCHE tab.