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Grocery Stores - Detroit Metro area

I am looking for two things: a great grocery store for everyday food shopping, especially one with good organic food (including organic baby food) and a wide selection of fresh produce and meat. I used to live near a really big Whole Foods Market and close to a Trader Joes, both of which I loved. Also, I really want to find some good ethnic markets (Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Mexican, etc.). I am in Macomb County (around I-94 and about 19 Mile). Thanks for any guidance!

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  1. Hate to be a sourpuss , but the pickins in Macomb county are slim indeed . Roselli's on Groesbeck around 13 mile is a nice Italian supply place , there is also a great German market/deli on Gratiot somewhere , I think around 15 mile . I-94 and 19 Mile ? Applebees territory , sorry .

    1. You could try Nino Salvaggio's on Hall Road -- they have a pretty good selection of meat and produce. If you want something even more fresh, Mt. Clemens has a Farmers Market every Friday and Saturday through November (it's on North River Rd about halfway between the downtown and Gibralter).

      Also, though it isn't very large, Grillo's Market in New Baltimore is a wonderful little Italian market/deli. It's located on 23 Mile, just east of Jefferson.

      1. I'd recommend Salvaggio's too for meat and produce. You might be closer to the one in St Clair Shores on Harper n of 11 mile, though the newer one on Hall Rd is quite a bit larger.
        The closest Whole Foods to you would probably be in Rochester Hills, on Walton w of Livernois, though they will be moving in the next few months to a bigger location about a mile west (Walton at Adams), which also happens to be across the street from a Trader Joe's. There is also a Trader Joe's coming before the end of the year on Kercheval in Grosse Pointe, which may be closer for you.

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          In the same shopping center as TJ's on Walton, there is a Busch's grocery store, which I recommend. A bit spendy but very good stuff and great variety.

          The Nino Salvaggio's in Troy is very nice, right off M59 which you should be pretty close to. There is also an Indian and a Polish market in the same shopping center at 19 mile (or 18 mile, can't remember!) and Dequindre.

          For Mexican I'd just head downtown to Mexicantown and seek out La Colmena.

          If you take Dequindre south from 19 mile, you'll find a lot of little Asian/Indian markets. There's a Middle Eastern market next to a Vietnamese market on John R south of 13 mile.

        2. Kim Nhung Superfoods is a Vietnamese grocery store that stocks a lot of SE Asian products as well as Chinese groceries. Their address and location (along with other Asian stores in the area) are listed on my blog, under the AU MARCHE tab.


          1. May I recommend an outing to Super Greenland Market's wild Wednesday? It will be a memorable experience.
            12715 W Warren Ave, Dearborn

            There is a fun Italian grocery that is also worth a look while you're in the area.
            Alcamo's, 4423 Schaefer Rd, Dearborn

            I think Meijer stocks organic baby food and their own line of organic food but somehow I doubt this is what you had in mind. Hiller's has some interesting items as well.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions...I have tried the Whole Foods (selection of organic baby food was unfortunately much smaller than at W.F. I use to go to) and T.J.'s on Walton Rd. in Rochester Hills and also liked Nino Salvaggio's on Hall Rd. Looking forward to visiting the other shops mentioned.

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                I have to also recommend that you just buy regular food (as opposed to baby food in jars) and mash it up for your baby. Whether it's a plain fruit, vegetable, grain, or whatever, it's pretty easy, and as your baby ages a little, just mash up whatever you're eating a bit. It is so much easier and helps them get used to eating regular food.

                I've resorted to canned stuff only for emergencies like air travel, but, aside from the pureed pears that my non-baby son ate with great enthusiasm, I've never managed to get either of my kids to eat more than 2 bites of that stuff. It just is not as good as real food. I've tasted it. It's pretty blah.

                So I say, take the plunge and mash up some stuff of your own. Have fun!

              2. I started my own topic on this, but I'll try here as well... does anyone know where I can get lavender honey in Metro Detroit? I've looked all over and can't find it. I paid out of my nose ordering some through Amazon and it took about 3 wks and they sent me some "flower syrup" that was completely the wrong thing. It is a critical ingredient for a dinner I am putting on next weekend and I was hoping to find it locally without having to go through Amazon again. Thanks for any help.

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                  There's a honey vendor at the RO farmers market; don't know if they specifically have lavender but I know they have a variety of honeys.

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                    Try whole food in Rochester Hills or Papa Joes at Tinkien & Rochester road or on Woodward in Birmingham for the honey. Lavander honey is not something you will typically find at a local farmers market with local honey. If you want to try I suggest the Rochester farmers market Saturday morings in the summer. They really focus on true local and organic products. No eastearn market type produce from commercial growers or wharehouses.
                    Other markets I like in the greater Detroit area, Vince & Joes at 25 & old VanDyke. I prefer the Nino's on Rochester road to the one on Hall road. Westborn market in Dearborn. The trader Joes here is very small.