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Sep 7, 2007 02:09 PM

San Jose (or close by) jook joint?

My board search skills fail me. Can anyone recommend places to get jook in the south bay? I can get your standard fare at dim sum, but I'm looking for a place where I can specifically order duck and preserved egg (since I highly doubt my skills at handling lime to preserve the eggs). I've heard it referred to as congee as well and it is probably on the Chinese menu of some nearby restaurants where my character translation skills fail. There was a place I went to in some Wolfe road mall that had many choices, but the jook itself was tasteless (I like mine made with meat broth and this tasted like just water).

[edit] per kc72's explanation, I'm looking for Cantonese-style jook.

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  1. The place you went to inside the Wolfe/Homestead mall did not serve Cantonese-style jook -- it was the Taiwanese version. It sometimes has a sweet potato/yam in it and it's flavor is supposed to come from it's accompanying side dishes.

    1. I'm sure there must be many more places in the South Bay for jook/congee/porridge - I've had the pork/preserved egg version at Joy Luck in Cupertino and I thought it was good (I am by no means an authority on the subjetc) it's in the small part of the restaurant in the back, not the fancy dim sum part in the front.

      I did a quick search on and found a place in San Jose that is a combo of Vietnamese and Chinese - I've never been but they have what you're looking for on their menu: Kim Tar Restaurant, 1698 Hostetter Rd., #J, San Jose 95131 - hours M-F 10:30 am - Midnight, Sat & Sun 0:30 am - Midnight. Phone 408-453-2006

      All this said, it's pretty easy to buy the preseved eggs at 99 Ranch, Lion Super, or any of the other Asian supermarkets in the South Bay and make your own! Check the Homecooking board: I know there have been several threads over the years on making jook...

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      1. re: RWCFoodie

        I can make my own with the duck, no problem. It's that tasty egg that I crave with it. Sadly, I don't know enough about the egg to know if I'd be buying "good" ones in a market and in those markets, you really need to have an idea on what is fresh and what is spoiled. However, sounds like I can get them canned... will probably look into that.

        The previous recipes for making "pei dan" (pi dan?) involve lye. Not sure I want to go there. I can just see myself either injesting lye or raw egg.

        Kim Tar Restaurant
        1698 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA 95131

        Joy Luck Place
        10911 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

        1. re: Luthien

          Joy Luck Place (the cafe side, not the large dim sum restaurant) has very good jook. If you're just looking for an egg source for your own jook, go to 99 Ranch. They sell the preserved eggs by the 6 pack for a few bucks.


          1. re: Luthien

            I guess I've just had extra good luck: never gotten a bad batch of preserved eggs although I've heard that it happens - they can be dried out like little rotten rubber balls!

        2. Here is a old stand by for Cantonese style jook in the area.
          New East Lake Chinese Seafood
          61 Serra Way
          (408) 263-9388
          Milpitas, CA

          It has been four ear since I have eaten there but it was the best when I work in the area.

          But after reading this post I cooked a very small pot (just enough for the three of us for dinner) of dried fish and peanut jook for dinner today. I was lucky enough to score some fresh fried Chinese donuts.

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          1. re: yimster

            Adding a layer of fu yu (thin tofu skin) on top and letting that cook till it melts, apparently yields an overall creamier texture. Gingko nuts are also a nice touch once in a while for me.

            1. re: yimster

              They changed hands 1-2 years ago, and the food is no longer the same at all.

              - Jon

            2. Preserved egg is typically served with minced pork in congee (pei dan sau yuk jook). Most restaurants that do serve jook may accomodate a custom request of roast duck and preserved egg congee, if that's what you are referring to, but likely will just take the base congee and add the two "toppings" to it.

              For the South Bay, I would say dim sum restaurants might offer the better (but pricier) bowl of congee, although you may end up with less selection and variety of toppings/ingredients choices. I had an excellent fish congee at the Joy Luck Place in San Mateo. For the South Bay, try Dynasty or Joy Luck Place dim sum restaurant (both in Cupertino).

              Other places I know of that offer congee on the menu:

              Broadway Bistro in Cupertino, although the portion might be smaller at a higher price.

              Chez Mayflower in Milpitas Square (not 100% certain, it has been a while since I last went).

              Good congee can be made at home quite easily in a rice cooker, though you may need to cook it for 4+ hours for best consistency. Very easy if the rice cooker is electronic, new, and has a congee setting (usually default is not enough time...)


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              1. re: K K

                Had lunch at Dynasty today and got an order of their beef congee, which fed 5.
                The beef was custom order, but available as a choice by the waiter. The other option was from the push cart, pei dan sau yuk jook.

                As far as the beef congee:

                - watery, not much flavor
                - beef was sliced a bit too big

                Didn't see how much they charged, but I no longer recommend congee at Dynasty in Cupertino. :-/

                1. re: K K

                  I liked their standard jook at Dynasty in San Jose, but it's been a year since I've had it (and didn't know you could custom order options) and they definitely didn't have the pei dan on the carts.

                2. re: K K

                  Top Cafe has congee too.

                  None of the places I've mentioned is going to have the quality like that of Hing Lung in SF Chinatown, but I suppose better than nothing in the South Bay.

                  Top Cafe
                  650 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035

                  Joy Luck Place
                  10911 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

                  Broadway Bistro
                  1072 S De Anza Blvd Ste B103, San Jose, CA 95129

                  Top Cafe
                  1075 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129

                  Chez Mayflower
                  416 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035

                3. Ocean Palace on Monterey, north of Blossom Hill has handprinted jook menus on each table, both in English and Chinese. I do not know if they sell duck/egg. I have not tried their jook, but I am happy with the other foods I have purchased there.


                  eidt: after reading KK's response regarding dimsum/congee, OP's sister restaurant Ocean Delight serves dim sum.

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                  1. re: Alan408

                    I haven't been to Ocean Palace since their remodeling (and have seen more diverse and less Asian clientele during the remodeling). I was pretty sure that was one of the places that had the Chinese menu of jook that I couldn't read.

                    1. re: Luthien

                      One side is Chinese, one side English.

                      1. re: Alan408

                        At the time I was attempting to translate, it was a chalkboard out front. No English side. ;)