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Sep 7, 2007 01:55 PM

Seattle University District Brunch Recommendations...

Hi, my husband and I are starting a weekend course in the University District this Sunday, and I'm looking for good brunch locations in the area - can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hello. You mention the University District (which is the area we consider to be around the University of Washington) and Seattle U, which resides on capitol hill. I'm guessing you are looking for seattle u area places so I would check out Crave or Monsoon.

    1. If you're really in the U District (as in University of Washington, north of the ship canal), the Portage Bay Cafe is your place.

      1. If it's Seattle U that you're near, I'd try Presse on 12th. Yu-u-ummm...

        1. If it's Seattle U you're near than I second the recommendation for Crave. Yummy, yum, yum!

          1. I think the poster meant near UW, as in "University District" but started the post with "Seattle" to clarify for folks who don't live in Seattle, and therefore don't know what the University District is. I don't think she meant "Seattle University."

            That said, I haven't eaten brunch anywhere in the University District that stands out in my memory. However, you could stop by the U-District farmers' market on Saturday morning and get some fresh bread, fruit and cheese for breakfast.

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              Thanks everyone - sorry for the confusion, I did mean the University District (as in University of Washington, North of the 520) rather than Capitol Hill... Sounds like Portage Bay Cafe is the way to go! I'll definitely also try the recommended places in Capitol Hill, we're always looking for good brunch places to try.

              1. re: northwestkiwi

                I heartily recommend Crave for brunch and El Greco- both have websites you can look at and both are easy to find in Capital Hill(around broadway) Area

                1. re: natalie.warner

                  Update: we tried Portage Bay Cafe on Sunday... but it was packed, and we couldn't spare the 45 minute wait time. Maybe this week!