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Sep 7, 2007 01:41 PM

Neptune's Net or Malibu Seafood or ???

We're going to the Getty Villa tomorrow (Saturday), and I thought it would be fun to head up the coast a bit to Neptune's Net for lunch afterwards. However, I know that Malibu Seafood is closer, but I've never been. Is it worth the drive up to the Net?

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    1. Never been to which one? I personally like Malibu Seafood better. And, I like the ocean view from the outside picnic tables. No alchohol served at Malibu Seafood but you can bring your own bottle of wine. At M.S. I like grilled halibut or salmon. If Spiney lobsters are in season, I like those too.

      Both places are self-serve. You stand in line and place your order, then they call you and you go get it.

      At Neptune's Net, the menu appears to be mostly fried. If you ask, though, there are some things that are not fried (I didn't realize that my first time there). There's a separate section at the Net where they have lobsters and crabs. The view from the seating is not as good as at M.S., but all the bikers (as in motorcycles) go to the Net and I love that crowd. You'll see beautiful motorcycles parked outside. They also serve alchohol, and I love that. The bathrooms at the Net are portapotties and at M.S. there are regular restrooms. The dining space and parking at the Net are larger - easier to park at the Net. At M.S. you sometimes have to park on PCH which can be a little dicey. You'll have a great time at either place.

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      1. re: Bite Me

        I've been to the Net, so I was wondering whether I should go back there, or try Malibu Seafood. I like that Net has beer & wine; that's a definite plus. The port-a-potties leave a LOT to be desired, though.

        Sounds like M.S. is your pick for the food, though?

        1. re: Jack Flash

          i think this may have been a fluke but i went a few weekends ago and it took about an hour to get our fried order. apparently, they were short in the kitchen that day so as I said, it was probably a fluke but be prepared for the crowd and a wait. i'd go to MS. it's closer and easier.

          1. re: trolley

            I'll third Malibu Seafood. Love their Grilled Squid Steak sandwich and fish and chips. Have someone attempt to secure seating while the orders are being placed. Bathrooms are at the top of the parking lot, at the back left, looking up the hill between the pick-up window and the tables.


          2. re: Jack Flash

            Yes, the food at M.S. is better. Don't waste time on Reel Inn. Now that I know you've been to the net, M.S. is absolutely it! You'll find a nice selection, all fresh, and a beautiful time sitting outside. Have someone grab the table when you go place the orders, if you can. Enjoy!!!

        2. I like Malibu Seafood, and its a lot closer to Getty. I always get the fish 'n' chips but I want to try their grilled fish next time I go. I went to Neptune's Net with a friend from Chicago, and it wasn't bad. She saw it on some MTV show recently, and she got excited because she could say she's been there. I think its featured on TV more often (like Rachel Ray's show...bleh). Have fun at the Villa its sooo pretty there!

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          1. re: avena

            I adore Malibu Seafood! Try their fish tacos, so fresh and bright tasting. I love their homemade cocktail sauce that comes with the shrimp cocktails, too. I've also indulged in the deep fried fish and chips and the deep fried good! The fish is fresh, the ocean view is nice but so is the little canyon view behind the restaurant.

          2. I don't understand why there's some much positive buzz about Neptune's Net. The fried food is underwhelming. I'd recommend the Reel Inn if the one on PCH is till open. Better food, interesting crowd and an alcohol license.

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            1. re: Towens

              Last time I ate at the Reel Inn, I really wanted to like it. It's a beautiful setting, very conveniently located, and I really gave it a chance. I almost got sick. The food is awful! The rice side tastes like Rice-a-roni. The grilled fish did not taste fresh. The salad was old and dried out.

              If it's between Malibu Seafood and Neptune's Net, I'd vote for Malibu Seafood. Reliable, beautiful, good fresh food. Also, Neptune's Net is a lo-o-o-ong drive up there.

              If you want a place a little closer to the Getty Villa with good food, try Cholada Thai, just west of Reel Inn on PCH. Excellent Thai food.

            2. atmosphere-wise, neptune's net is a little more festive/fun, malibu seafood is a little more toned down. on the upside, malibu seafood's has a seating area that is covered, so it's shadier, but then it doesn't have a view of the water. if you do end up at malibu seafood, be sure to get yourself of an order of fries -- they are steak fries, crisp/well-done on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside -- and pretty much near perfect.

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              1. re: tannazie

                Malibu Seafood does have a view of the water. I also think their food is so much better than the food at Neptune's Net.

                1. re: whatsfordinner

                  Yes, they have an excellent view from the seats which face the ocean (about 50% of available seating), though the view may be a bit restricted from the uppermost tier (there are three tiers total.)

                  Malibu Fish & Seafood
                  25653 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

                  1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                    I live close to Neptune's net. It is always much quieter in Malibu after Labor Day so the line there should not be so long. I much prefer the Reel Inn which is just north of Topanga and just a couple of minutes drive from the Getty. You do not have the view, the the food is very good. Malibu Seafood is also good.