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Brasserie Beck Food Recommendations?

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I'm going to Brasserie Beck for a birthday dinner on Monday. I'm pretty excited because I've been wanting to try this place out for awhile.

I'm on a bit of a budget so I was looking for suggestions on a create, not to expensive entree (probably will only get 1 dish) or a recommendation on the mussels...which I assume can be served as an entree? Or perhaps I'm better off just getting 2 appetizers as I sometimes do. Any recommendations on what's not to be missed for a first timer? Thanks!

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  1. I was there last night for the first time, for a beer and something small to eat. Sat in the bar area. Pleasant, kinda loud. I thought the frites were outstanding - although the three mayo-based dipping sauces were boring. The frites were better without them. My other very limited experience is with two starter-sized dishes - I had a country sausage on lentils, which I thought was excellent. Earthy and dense, lots of flavor. Sauce in the tourine well worth the extra carbs to sop up with a piece of the delicious bread you'll get at your table. My wife had a slice of quiche lorraine, from which I of course snagged a taste. It was outstanding - light, a little creamy - just great.

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      I'm a sucker for a good quiche lorraine so I considered just getting that and a salad of veggie side. I am tempted by the $17 mussels...which seems cheap enough to me.

    2. I loved the mussels au gratin, it wa a whole bowl of plump, good mussels and not too much cheese which I was worried it would be casseroley, but not at all. And they were cheaper than the other mussels so you may be able to get two apps. I also had the duck and cous cous entree which was very good. Frites were very good, but not unforgettable. But their serving size seems to be very big, which is a nice benefit.

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        How big is the mussels au gratin? Sounds nice but rich. Is it truly an appetizer size or can it be enough for a full main course with a side of something or other?

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          They were like a bowl of onion soup size. Bigger than a cup of soup. A good portion, I think with another side or app you would be ok, but I don't eat as much sometimes so... But I think you would be fine. It isn't as rich as it sounds. I was really hesitant to order, but it doesn't taste it all as it sounds. Very good. It is like it has a juice, some cheese, some greens and a little tomatoe very good.

      2. I went to Beck last month for the first time and had a wonderful meal. I got the mussels with fennel and chorizo for my entree. It was delicious and a really large portion. I've heard the curry and apple variation is also pretty good. As far as appetizers, the quiche lorraine was possibly one of the best quiches i've ever had. The liver parfait and shrimp croquettes were also top notch! And be sure to check out the extensive beer list.

        1. Went a few months ago and split the curry apple mussels and frites, not to mention complimentary bread served at the bar, with the boyfriend - it was more than enough for both of us. So delicious, perfect with a Saison Dupont.

          1. They have an appetizer of potatoes au gratin with pork belly for $11. A delicious, expert creation that is probably more food than you can eat.

            1. I went to Brasserie Beck last night for a friend's birthday party. We had a really big group and this event was more about catching up and seeing friends then focusing on the food, so I certainly want to return when I can try more food, but I was very happy with what I ordered...the delicious mussels in the white wine and garlic sauce which came with their wonderful frites. I know there has been some discussion lately on Tom's chat's about how the frites have gone down hill but these were absolutly perfect. They didn't come with the 3 mayos because it was part of the meal...but I was perfectly happy dunking them in my left over sauce. The mussels were HUGE! and very good.

              My only issue was we made an 8:30 reservation for 12 people. It was a little late for my taste on a Monday night but it was the birthday girls birthday and we had a big group so we all sucked it up and went late. Unfortunatly we ended up having to wait an extra 1/2 hour for our table. Apparently the people who were occupying the table before us were taking a long time. I guess that's a little understandable but we didn't get seated until around 9pm. While annoying, the restaurant did handle this well and treated our entire group to a free round of drinks--which was quite generous considering there were 12 of us. I had a really nice, light beer with a lemony/citrus flavor. I believe it was called Saigon Dupont...or something along those lines. Very tasty!

              We ended up sitting at the chef's table right in front of the kitchen which was very nice.

              I certainly will be returning since the prices were just right and there were a lot of things I saw that I wanted to try but didn't get a chance to order.