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Sep 7, 2007 01:29 PM

Forced to go to Geisha House! am I screwed?

I'm so underwhelmed right now. But the better half wants to go.
Any recommendations on what to eat at that subpar place?

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  1. If the other one who wants to go to Geisha House is the BETTER half, you must be pretty awful!

    My recs: If you absolutely, positively must waste your money there, stick to the rolls and skewers. The less raw fish you have to eat, the better. Their fish struck me to be of dubious quality.

    1. get in the mind frame of a 17 yr old boy.
      you'll enjoy it much more.
      my 16 year old daughter had her 'sweet 16' party there. it was just right for that purpose.
      don't think about the food.

      1. Stick with the rolls.

        Avoid the miso soup. Mine came out bone chillingly cold and when I asked for a hot bowl instead, the result was a murky soup that was just lukewarm enough to remind me of tapwater - both in temperature and taste.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          That sounds like it got tossed in the microwave.

          Geisha House obviously isn't the paragon of Japanese cuisine (not when the two dudes behind the counter are one Korean guy and one Salvadoran guy), but it's about having a good time with the people you came in with. Don't expect it to be world changing and you'll be fine.

          Stick with the rolls, order some of their fun drinks, and don't be afraid to go against your better Chow sensibilities if it means having a great evening with your better half.

          And thank your lucky stars you're not sitting at Charcoal.

          1. re: SauceSupreme

            I agree. Don't go expecting great sushi or even a hip atmosphere at this point. Just order a bunch of rolls, some specialty martinis and enjoy the people watching!

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              "That sounds like it got tossed in the microwave."

              Yeah, only if the microwave was broken.

          2. you guys are being way too harsh. I was in the same situation as you - wasn't my decision to go. I went with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised.

            1. Drink everything on their list of specialty drinks, that shoud fill you up. :) Sticking to cooked items is a good idea. Maybe eat a little before? They charge too much for little bits of mediocre food.