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Seattle or Eastside - Restaurant to celebrate an anniversary

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We would like to find a restaurant in Seattle or on the Eastside to celebrate our anniversary. We're open to any type of food - - we would like the restaurant to be quiet, a view would be great but not necessary. Upscale would be fine but nothing pretentious (yeah, I know that's subjective).

We would appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. if you type "anniversary" under the link "Search this board" above, you will find many threads http://www.chow.com/search?options%5B...

    1. I took my wife to Biz on Main in Bellevue last month for her birthday and had a great time. The food and wine were very good and the service was exceptional. The setting is upscale bistro which we thought was very comfortable for our special occasion without going over the top.

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        bis on main is an excellent choice. alos recommend cafe juanita-kirkland, chez shea-seattle, and volterra-seattle.

      2. My husband and I like Nell's at Greenlake for our special occasion destination. It's across the street from the lake, so there's a peakaboo view.

        The food and wine are very good and I've always found the service exceptional. It is not a very large place, so do make a reservation.

        1. I would also recommend Cafe Juanita in Kirkland.

          1. Canlis is quite popular for special events.

            1. My first husband proposed to me at Canlis, so fond memories. My second husband proposed at a fifties-style hamburger joint in LA somewhere. My third husband proposed to me in his home kitchen...so...it all seems to go downhill over time. I have to ask: What stage is this anniversary in your life? If you are still in the happy stage: I like Canlis...even though it's not as good as used to be. For a regular small town feel, I like Bis because it reminds me of a cute Parisian guy who took me there. But, Bis is not as much of a dressy-up kind of place...and gals love dressy-upping. I thought that Yarrow Point Grill was romantic...but I haven't chowed down there lately. If you are still in love enough to go over the bridge, most women like to go to Belltown. Waterfront or just about anything is fun....if you are trying to impress her...try Gaucho...rediculous price...food was just ok last time I went but it makes me feel like I'm in a different part of the world. If you are in the "proposing in someone's kitchen" side of life, you could probably get away with Beach Cafe in Carillon...because it's dressy-ish...but not foodie worthy. There is a sweet little French or Italian cafe in downtown Kirkland..and it's right across from some Mexican restaurant. It is perpendicular to Lake street...and there are only one or two streets that it could be on. Someone else might know the name. (I love great food, but I think that an anniversary calls for something that "feels" special.) I haven't been to several of these places for a while...so I hope they still exist. I'm in the "go to the fast-food restaurant within walking distance" part of my marriage.