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Sep 7, 2007 12:22 PM

Three Cheers for Bossa Nova Delivery

I was tasked with hosting an after-hours committee meeting for my group at my place in Hollywood, and while any good foodie should be able to whip up some canapés and lay out the salsa and dip on a table next to the whiteboard and markers, I decided to make a delivery order from Bossa Nova. I pored over website and tried to create a balanced family style menu:

Pao de Queijo - two orders of this cheese bread was one order too many, as many in the group decided to save their carbs for the pasta. But it was really tasty, especially after tossing them in my toaster oven, and then using them to soak up pasta sauce.

Kibe - two orders of this bulgur and ground beef app. Went really well, and is one of my favorite apps when I visit Bossa Nova. I was worried about how the travel would affect the texture, but it turns out that the group members didn't notice or care.

Carnival Salad - two orders of what is basically a chef's salad plus hearts of palm. Honestly, if you have hearts of palm in a dish, I'm more likely to order it.

Roman's Special Salad - two orders of this grilled chicken salad (marinated in marsala) and served with walnuts. Great salad with wonderful dressing.

Smoked Salmon Pizza - one large of this -- didn't get touched, but I'm a big Spago fan so I was more than happy to score the leftovers. All I need is some crème-fraîche, some dill, some caviar, Lee Hefter in the kitchen...

Calabresa Pizza - one large pizza containing a long strip of brazilian sausage in each slice. Not as meaty as I had hoped, but it was certainly popular (and delicious). I'll stick with the smoked salmon, thank you very much.

Sunset Pasta with Penne - one order of skinless chicken breast and asparagus. All health benefits are cancelled by the fact that it's in an alfredo sauce.

Lasagna - one order; this is one of those dishes where I'm always hesitant to make it at home, but will jump when someone else makes it.

Rafael's Pasta with Fettucine - one order; this was the surprise star of the night, as it had a great kick to it that worked well with the prosciutto and the sundried tomato.

Everyone really enjoyed it as well as the pints of ice cream from Scoops that I served (yesterday's flavors were a passionfruit and pineapple sorbet (!), jackfruit (!!) and brown bread (!!!!) and I also still had some ube and taro ice cream from a trip to 99 Ranch).

4 apps, 4 salads, 2 pizzas, 3 pastas, tax tip and delivery charge came out to $170 to feed a dozen people with plenty of leftovers (the leftover pao de queijo are going to be my croutons for French onion soup). I could have gotten away with ordering one less each of the salads and ordered one more pasta but I didn't want to impose on any vegetarians or carbophobes. Tack on another $18 if you want the three pints from Scoops.

Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine
7181 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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  1. Thanks for the review; I've been curious about this place...

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    1. re: LANative

      They've always been my go-to late night place. The really large menu is what clinches it for me, as I never know exactly what I'm in the mood for when I'm eating late.

      Here's my blog post on a recent late-night trek there:

    2. If it weren't for Bossa Nova delivery, my family would have starved to death right after both of my daughters were born. I'm so happy to see someone else giving them some props. I think I'll order in tomorrow night.

      1. I love Bossa Nova Delivery -- on nights when I just can't cook but I'm not up for traditional takeout, the grilled chicken breast from Bossa Nova with mashed potatoes really hits the spot.