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Sep 7, 2007 12:15 PM

Tout Va Bien?

We ate in a fun little french bistro years ago. I think it was call Tu Va Bien and in the theater district. Is that the name and is it still there. Any opinions if it is?

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  1. I think you're referring to Tout Va Bien. I haven't been.

    Tout Va Bien
    311 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

    1. I live above it. It's spelled Tout Va Bien. Everyday, my girl and I walk past it, and look in a the red checked tablecloth, and the decor that looks like my grandparents' rec room. Yet, I hear stories...if you want the old french classics, the REAL bistro food, this is the place to go, second only to Chez Napoleon around the corner.

      I still haven't gotten around to going there....should I?

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          A few weeks ago, on a very warm, rainy Saturday afternoon, we stopped into Tout Va Bien, thinking that we would have some lunch. The place was virtually empty, so no problem getting a table with those red-checkered tablecloths. However, though I usually don't care as much about ambiance as I do about excellent food, there was an overall unpleasant shabbiness about the space that felt depressing. Even worse, the air was stifling. Though the waiter insisted that the a.c. was working and it was cooler toward the rear of the dining room, it was no such thing. So, we left and had lunch elsewhere.

          1. re: RGR

            RGR is being kinder than I would--the place feels neglected and depressing.

            Food ne va pas bien either.



          2. re: CocHoliday

            DON'T GO THERE! Bad food and depressing ambience. Yes, the people who work there are French but the food is not the French food I know. The steak I had was a weird cut of beef, kinda tough, and the fries were clearly industrially pre-frozen and tasteless. The prix fixe was by-the-number fare, nothing stellar at all. Even the bread was lousy. Tourist trap!

          3. Houstonite just back from a weekend in Manhattan. We tried Tout Va Bien Saturday night. It was my first visit, but the other two had been before and were warmly recognized by the owner/manager (?), a woman in glasses. We actually loved the spendthrift atmosphere. We all started with the onion soup which was delicious and better than any I've had in Texas. My entree was the Beef Bourguignon and it was extraordinary... the meat was fork tender and the broth sublime with a hint of cognac (I think). My two friends had the hangar steak (good) and the mussels (again, good). We shared the cheesecake and creme brulee for dessert. The cheesecake was very rich and wonderful with a cherry sauce, while the creme brulee was the one big disappointment of the evening. It seemed to have been made in advance and reheated (barely); the three of us together did not finish it. Service was efficient. All in all, it was a very enjoyable meal. If you're looking for basic bistro fare done well, at a reasonable cost, try this place. Oh - we did not have reservations but getting seated was no problem.

            1. I've dined numerous times at Tout Va Bien over the decades. I think it is stuck in a 1950's time warp.

              Although I prefer the food at Balthazar and Artisanal, Tout Va Bien had excellent frites and could make a nice roast duckling or rack of lamb. Desserts (do not get the crepe) are an afterthought and absolutely taste like they have been made weeks in advance.

              The one big plus for us visitors - every time I have dined there I have seen a celebrity, someone performing on Broadway. Some stars prefer quiet to the maddening crowd.

              1. We had dinner two evenings in November at Tout va bien, west 51st St west of 8th Ave. A very nice authentic French bistro, recommend frogs legs (which can be ordered as appetizer as well) and veal kidneys. Somewhat camped space but really decent food and wine at reasonable prices.