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I'm thinking Omelette's

for my daughter and I for dinner tonight. What should I put in mine? any delicious can't miss combo's?

I'm thinking maybe roasted red pepper, goat cheese, basil?
or maybe dill, parmesan....
I have no idea :)
Whats your all time favorite omelette??

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  1. I just made a frittata for dinner last night. It was roasted portabello mushrooms with a little red cipollini onion and garlic, fresh basil, and a cheese (new to me) that I can't remember the name (it was a hard Italian cheese and a bit salty, kinda like a Parmigiano Reggiano but a little sour). It came out really good. I'm thinking of doing another one for brunch on Sunday -- got some rainbow swiss chard and eggs at the greenmarket this a.m., with Parm-Reg and maybe more of that basil that's going wild on my windowsill. Your roasted red pepper and goat cheese sounds awesome.

    1. Caviar, a light mozarrella, & arugula.

      1. tomatoes, chili, monterey jack cheese with salsa on top--not necessarily my favorite but one I've had recently

        1. smoked salmon, dill, cubed chunks of cream cheese scattered throughout, topped with slivered red onion.

          the caviar is a delicious idea. I wouldn't even know wehre to buy any here!

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          1. gyros meat, onion, tomato & some tzatziki sauce on the side

            1. Asparagus,baby swiss, virginia ham

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              1. Matzo Brei from my fav deli -Brent's or when at home, I love adding Lite Laughing Cow herb and garlic to sauteed mushrooms and onions. Sometime extra good sprinkled with bacon on top!

                1. Some delicious (and unusual) ideas for the future....


                  What did you end up making?

                    1. Sauteed linguica or chourico (Portuguese sausage), carmelized onions, roasted peppers and cheddar.

                      1. Im probably going to get kicked off chow but....sharp vermont cheddar and fried ham dices...WELL DONE egg.

                        1. My all time favorite omelette is one I had at Fiddleheads Restaurant in Juneau, Alaska back in, hmm, 1990? Don't know if they still have it on the menu.

                          It's got hot smoked Alaskan salmon flaked, cream cheese, and scallions for the filling.


                          1. i had a great one in seattle, dungeness crab + cream cheese.

                            my usual omelette is tomato, fresh moz, fresh basil. can't go wrong.

                            1. my usual omelette is egg whites with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and tomatoes for the sheer simplicity

                              i also like roasted cauliflower w/ grated parmesan and oregano/parsley/basil/or some combo thereof, and sometimes roasted garlic

                              Grilled eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes, or just ratatouille along with herbed ricotta

                              salmon, cream cheese or ricotta, lemon juice, chopped tomatoes, red onions, capers

                              goat cheese, tomatoes, oregano, shallots, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic

                              1. Lobster, diced Portobello mushrooms and onions, pepperjack cheese...garnished with finely minced Italian parsely. Yum!

                                1. baby spinach, gruyere cheese, sauteed mushrooms. Omelette cooked in lots of oil (Sara Moulton demo'd this once, I believe). Possibly topped with a very good hollaindaise