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Sep 7, 2007 12:14 PM

I'm thinking Omelette's

for my daughter and I for dinner tonight. What should I put in mine? any delicious can't miss combo's?

I'm thinking maybe roasted red pepper, goat cheese, basil?
or maybe dill, parmesan....
I have no idea :)
Whats your all time favorite omelette??

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  1. I just made a frittata for dinner last night. It was roasted portabello mushrooms with a little red cipollini onion and garlic, fresh basil, and a cheese (new to me) that I can't remember the name (it was a hard Italian cheese and a bit salty, kinda like a Parmigiano Reggiano but a little sour). It came out really good. I'm thinking of doing another one for brunch on Sunday -- got some rainbow swiss chard and eggs at the greenmarket this a.m., with Parm-Reg and maybe more of that basil that's going wild on my windowsill. Your roasted red pepper and goat cheese sounds awesome.

    1. Caviar, a light mozarrella, & arugula.

      1. tomatoes, chili, monterey jack cheese with salsa on top--not necessarily my favorite but one I've had recently

        1. smoked salmon, dill, cubed chunks of cream cheese scattered throughout, topped with slivered red onion.

          the caviar is a delicious idea. I wouldn't even know wehre to buy any here!

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          1. gyros meat, onion, tomato & some tzatziki sauce on the side