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Sep 7, 2007 12:12 PM

Need restaurant reco. near US Open tomorrow night

Can't stand the food inside the tennis center -- we'll have a car, what's a great restaurant within a reasonable distance to the US Open tennis center? We're going to an 8:00 match tomorrow night and would like a good meal before. Love thai, greek, chinese, etc... just don't know Queens enough to know what's relatively close by.

would LOVE your suggestions!


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  1. The Parkside for great Italian. Sripraphai for great Thai. Just do a search on the board for "Corona" or "Astoria". Leave your car and take the 7 train.

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    1. re: esyle

      we're coming from Westchester so we'll have a car -- will that be difficult to go to Sripraphai and then to US Open? I've really wanted to try that.

      1. re: Villeny

        Why not drive to Sripraphai, leave your car there and take the 7 to the US Open? This way you'll avoid some of the traffic.