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Sep 7, 2007 11:25 AM

Cleveland: asian market?

Recently moved to the Cleveland area. Don't expect to find the wealth of asian markets I had available in LA and NY, but was hoping someone might know of an asian market or two in the Cleveland area. Particularly interested in Japanese/Korean/Chinese food supplies. Thanks!

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  1. Chinese store:
    Asia Food
    3126 Saint Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH
    (216) 621-1681
    They have mainly Chinese, but also many other Asian regions

    Korea House
    3700 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, OH
    (216) 431-0462
    There is a restaurant next to it... but my personal preference is Seoul Hot Pot.... if you want good Korean food, you definately need to go to Seoul Hot Pot!!!

    Unfortunately, I do not know of any good Japanese greocery stores in the Cleveland area. The closest one I know about is in the Columbus area.


    1. Welcome to Cleveland!

      If you are closer to the Eastside, I highly recommend CAM Asia Supermarket, 21200 Miles Rd., N.Randall OH
      (216) 518-1600

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        I highly recommend Asia Food. They have some Japanese supplies (ie Nori, pickled ginger, miso, Sushi rose rice). They have ample Chinese selections and pretty good Korean (lots of the noodles and kim chee, etc). .They also have tasty roast pork and ducks to go. I do not think you will be dissappointed. Also well known is Tink Holl in Asia Town as well. you will have to google for their location. I have not been since they moved a few years ago.

        1. re: lyn

          I second Asia Food on St Clair. We hosted my daughters college roommate from Hong Kong for the summer, and she loved this place for a touch of home. We went to the market on Superior, but Asia food has a much wider selection.

          She was also quite impressed with the food at both Li Wah and Bo Loong.

          1. re: lyn

            Tink Hall in Asia Plaza is about 30th and Payne

            1. re: gourmanda

              Tink Holl moved away from Asian Plaza several months ago. Their new location is around the corner from Koko Bakery; if you google the bakery, you'll be right there.

        2. there's a small korean market on mayfield road next to ferrara's (a great italian grocery/sub shop).

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          1. re: wleatherette

            First of all, Ferrara's is great. They run out of sausage subs pretty quickly so go early if you're interested. And the cold cut sub is great too but I used to ask for some substitutions and now I can't remember them. It's been a while since I've been there.

            Anyway, does this Korean market have any prepared food?

            1. re: stuart

              that's for you to explore, i'm afraid. i didn't have the time to stick my head in as we ran into ferrara's to pick up a few meatball heroes, though i really wanted to look inside. whenever i'm back, it seems like there's a new ethnic grocer somewhere along mayfield. i love it.

              1. re: stuart

                Star Oriental is the name of the store on Mayfield next to Ferrara's.

            2. There is a small grocery with more Japanese leanings in Lyndhurst, on Mayfield Road, next to Tasty Pizza (sorry, the name of it is escaping me right now).

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              1. re: NancyH

                And does the small grocery with Japanese leanings have any prepared food? On my way home from my last trip to New York I bought a bento for the road. It would be great to have something similar to that here.

                1. re: stuart

                  They have bento boxes and sushi, but I haven't been brave enough to try them yet.

                  1. re: NancyH

                    I think this is Hana? I visited Star Oriental, Hana and Lakshmi tonight. Lakshmi had some samosas but neither of the others had any prepared foods. Hana used to have sushi but they don't do that anymore. Very disappointing.

              2. Looking for netto, does anyone know of a store I can buy some?

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                1. re: Galizia

                  I don't know what Netto is. A Google search says that it is a Danish food store, which I doubt is what you are searching for.