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Sep 7, 2007 11:19 AM

Yao FuZi, good Shanghainese in Plano

I went to Yao FuZi for lunch on a Chowhound tip about their xiaolongbao (soup dumplings). What I discovered was a pleasant, upscale restaurant that cooked up promising Shanghainese dishes. For those interested in exploring Chinese cuisine outside of the typical Cantonese fare (dim sum and Chinese BBQ), try Yao FuZi for Shanghai cuisine. I'd highly recommend the Braised Pork (it's actually red cooked pork belly) if you go.

Service was impeccable. Communication not a problem since waitstaff spoke fluent English. The restaurant is actually gorgeous on the inside despite its plain strip mall exterior.

For full review and discussion of xiaolongbao and hong shao rou, see

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  1. I'll also forward a vote for Yao Fuzi, as I had mentioned in another discussion about XLB. Ask the waiters to help you with items from the Chinese language menu and even with items not on the menus at all...

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    1. re: guttural

      We were very impressed that there's a Chinese restaurant like Yao Fuzi in Dallas!!!

      The braised pork was excellent, but so are other dishes. I really liked the appetizers. Our host ordered from the Chinese menu. I'm sure someone else from the group will elaborate on each dish we had :-)

      Here's the English menu:

      1. re: kuidaore

        kuidaore, so glad you enjoyed yourself!

        A brief run down: Yao Fuzi's Shanghainese dishes are solid. Nian Gao (rice cake) tasted like my grandma's version (a little pepperier, which is nice). Red cooked pork (hong shao rou) was consistently good last night, Shanghainese shrimp in lobster sauce was out of this world delicious with that addictive sauce and the soft shelled shrimp.

        What surprised me is how good their Sichuanese dishes were! Native Shanghainese are famous for their intolerance for spicy foods, so I thought Yao Fuzi's spicy dishes would be less-than-fiery. Not true! My nose was definitely running from the ma po tofu and water boiled fish!

        As promised, I have posted the photos of the dishes we tried to my blog, each dish's photo is linked to their descriptions in this comment:

        1. re: donnaaries

          I didn't know the shrimp was in lobster sauce. The shell was so soft that I ate the whole thing including the head and shell.

          I (as well as other chowhounds on our end of the table) loved the soy roasted beef slices (I liked them hard.) Is your dad's version even better?! So kaofu wasn't fried tofu???

          I noticed Nian Gao was a little spicy. The ma po tofu and water boiled fish was so hot that I couldn't eat. Did our host order the dishes to be spicier than normal???

          I didn't taste alcohol in "alcohol soaked rice" at all--I'm very sensitive to alcohol since I'm a non-drinker.

          1. re: kuidaore

            i'll have to try this. I tried that other Shanghai place near Coit/Campbell and wasn't that impressed. The XLB was pretty good though the skin was a bit too thick for my liking. the restof the dishes were mediocre. all the meat seemed a bit dry and old.

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      1. I concur with all the opinions expressed here.

        The slow braised pork was excellent on my dinner visit, though a later lunch portion was slightly tough, and the accompanying baby bok choy was on the puny and wilted side.

        The ma po tofu was indeed spicy, and the tofu very soft and silken, though my mother thought it wasn't anything special.

        And yes, the xiao long bao are excellent. They now even provide an elegant little spoon for the ginger vinegar, so I can ladle it into my soup spoon, and thus look marginally more graceful.

        1. We also really enjoyed our meal here. I'm normally not a big dumplings fan, but I really enjoyed the xiao long bao. So much better than any dumpling I've had at a Dim Sum.

          There were two spicy dishes that we really enjoyed - the water boiled fish was and Ma Po Tofu.

          The crispy duck had a light panko crust that i really liked. It's still a fatty dish, but it was different from any way I've had before.

          The desserts were probably my least favorite dishes, but I think it's because my westernized taste buds are used to more sugar in a dessert.

          One neat thing they do when you order tea is bring the pot and a candle burner. They also keep refilling it throughout the meal. I thought it was a nice touch. Pic:

          We can't wait to return and try more dishes. I'm so jealous this restaurant is located in Plano and not Dallas. It most definitely IS worth the 20 mile trip for us.

          1. This is one of my very favorite resturants. I love their Nian Gao (savory) as well as their garlic eggplant. After reading here, I'm anxious to try the shrimp with lobster sauce my next visit. I also enjoy JS Chen dim sum and bbq. The bbq pork buns are wonderful and the hot and sour soup excellent. Another favorite is Little Schechwan. I go to all three places often enough that I'm greated as a regular which is a nice feeling. For service, Yao Fuzi is tops. The others are ok, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.
            This is my first visit and post to this site, I'm so glad I found you! If anyone is planing a Chinese "chowfest" please let me know!

            Yao Fuzi Cuisine
            4757 West Park Boulevard, Plano, TX 75093

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              They completely anglicized the menu soon after they opened. Most of the dishes we ordered back in 2007 aren't on the menu anymore, though they'll still cook them if you ask. We found the food almost inedible when we went back last year or earlier this year--the braised pork wasn't the same. Most of us don't go there anymore.
              A Chinese chowfest is in the works.