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Sep 7, 2007 10:57 AM

Microwaved Corn on the Cob

Which is a better way of doing the husk or wrapped in plastic wrap...I've tried it wrapped in plastic wrap and have still found the flavor to be pretty good. Haven't tried it with the husk on yet.

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  1. Neither. Husk it and steam it for 3-7 minutes depending on freshness of the corn.

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    1. re: gourmanda

      I agree, steaming the corn is the best way to go.

      My microwave is only used for boiling water quickly, or making bacon, other than that its timer function is typically all that it is used for. I do not like how microwaves "cook" things.

      Here in Illinois the corn season is winding down anyway, no more corn on the cob will be eaten by me until next year.

    2. I've used plastic wrap and it works well, but is hot to pick up and the steam can burn you. Now I usually use a cloth dish towel and wet it a bit. Wrap around the corn and zap.

      1. I shuck the corn, place the corn in a heat resistant glass baking dish (aka pyrex), add 1T of water per ear, cover with plastic wrap and push the "auto" button on the microwave.

        1. corn and MV's have taken quite a beating this week. But jfood would strongly urge that if you are using plastic in an MV please use MV approved and try not to have the plastic wrap touch the food. jfood does not use any plastic wrap in the MV.

          That being said, if jfood needs to resort to the MV for corn, he husks, places in a deep dish with a little water and then drapes wax paper over the top. jfood still likes the grill with husk approach but sometimes that is not possible because of logistics.

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            a few weeks ago we actually did a taste test with a bunch of ears....the tasters did not know how which ones were prepared. The microwaved ones were voted dryest by all testers.

          2. We wrap in wax paper(trusty ole Cut-Rite) not plastic

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            1. re: Hue

              I used wax paper in the past. However, I now just nuke in the husk. Works fine.