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Sep 7, 2007 10:53 AM

Middle Eastern Markets

I'm looking for any middle eastern markets in the DC area. I have no car so i need to be able to get there via Metro. Specifically i'm looking to buy good spice mixes and spices. Any thoughts?

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  1. Mediterranean Bakery on S. Pickett Street in Alexandria is what you are looking for, but it is not convenient to a metro.

    1. There is a middle eastern market on University a couple of blocks north of the Wheaton Metro. It's a small middle eastern speciality shop, but I cannot remember the name right now! But it is on University just east of Viers Mill in the heart of Wheaton. They have a great selection of spices.

      Someone on chound recommended it to me when I was looking for preserved lemons. Maybe google to get the name? Good luck!

      1. Metro is not your friend, unfortunately.

        Mediterranean Bakery in Alexandria is the probably the biggest and has lots of spices. It is not the best of the best. King Street Metro is a good 5-10 minute cab ride away.

        Mediterranean Gourmet Market on Franconia Road near Springfield Mall is smaller but better. Outstanding menu and much better sfeeha. About a 5-minute cab ride from the Springfield Metro.

        Lebanese Butcher in Annadale is just about everyone's favorite around this Board. West Falls Church Metro is a 5 minute cab ride away.

        Lebanese Taverna market in Arlington is also loaded with selections. It's about 5 minutes by cab from the Ballston Metro.

        1. In Rockville, about 1/4 mile north of the Twinbrook Metro station is Yekta Market. It's hidden behind the On The Border (next to the infamous Sichuan restaurant Joe's Noodle.) Very nice Persian market with plentiful produce and spices, and also attached to a very good kabob house.

          If you need even more spices, another half mile up Rockville Pike is Penzey's spices.

          Yekta Deli Imported Grocery
          1488 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

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            Ok. Thanks guys! looks like i'll have to make friends with someone who has a car or explore the breadth of ethopian markets around me. The Metro truly is not a friend to eaters of ethnic foods.

            1. re: sir cooksalot

              Yeah, it's pretty sad...I was hoping some people would have some metro-accessible suggestions, but in a pinch you could try Rodman's for a few interesting products. It's about halfway between Tenleytown and Friendship Heights on Wisconsin Ave.

              1. re: sir cooksalot

                I'm new to DC, also without a car, and have been planning to buy some olive oil at a Middle Eastern shop. If you have any plans to go this weekend, I'd be glad to split the cost of the cab ride from the metro. Let me know if you might be interested. Thanks.

                1. re: ksabbeth

                  Unless Twinbrook is farther than you wish to ride, the 5-10 minute walk to Yekta hardly seems non-Metro-accessible...

                  1. re: ksabbeth

                    If you're looking for olive oils, Litteri's Italian Grocery is a short walk from the New York Avenue Metro stop. The have a large selection of Italian and Greek olive oils.