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Sep 7, 2007 10:29 AM

DFW - Upscale Indian Restaurant

I'd like to take my boyfriend to nice authentic Indian Restaurant for his birthday next week. Preferable South Indian, or at least a restaurant with good vegetarian options.

I saw Saffron House and Clay Pit on citysearch today. As I was driving through Addison, I saw a new restaurant called Flavours. I'm debating between the three.

Any preferences or additional suggestion would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure that I know the difference between South Indian and other types...Clay Pit is good, but I would not consider it to be "authentic", and is more "Americanized" IMO, though very tasty...Would add to your list, India Palace...

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      For upscale (at least pricewise) I'd vote for India Palace, though we weren't impressed by their dishes except for Lamb Korma.

      Clay Pit is the Indian version of PF Chang IMO.

      Though I think Madras Pavillion makes the best dosa in DFW, they aren't upscale at all, almost at the other end of the continum.

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        I bet you haven't tried the Mysore Masala Dosa at Taj Chaat House in Irving. Bit of a culture shock but you might change your mind ont he best dosa, especially if you see them made in front of you.

    2. If you want True South Indian (madras style), then Madras Pavilion in Richardson or Taj Chaat House in Irving (Casual seating). If not, any Indian restaurant should do the trick. For north Indian, you should check the Taj Mahal on Royal and 75. Their food is quite close to being Authentic.

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        As far as upscale and South Indian, I am afraid you are out of luck. Madras pavilion has decent but not great South Indian cuisine and has plenty of vegetarian options but is definately not a place that anyone would confuse for upscale.

        Most of the more authentic Indian restaurants aren't really that upscale actually. Most of what you find in this city is North Indian cusine in which you can find a number of vegetarian options. Most restaurants serve the same standard fair that IMO tends to lack the spice and is heavy handed with cream (both things which stray from true authentic Indian cusine). To get to the point, I think your best bet is probably India Palace. I would not give it any sort of ringing endorsement but I think that is the best you are going to find in terms of nicer restaurants.

        1. re: Bhutani

          Just to make sure there is no confusion, Madras Pavilion is 100% vegetarian.

          They now try to serve both Northern and Southern cuisines to less than stellar results.

          Flavours is rapidly improving and IndyaFusion in Las Colinas is very good.

          India Palace is not consistent.

          If you are looking for South Indian cuisine above scale then consider Zyka Indian Cuisine at SW corner of Beltline and 75 in Richardson.

      2. Flavours is definitely not upscale...Saffron House is a better choice if you want upscale, but the food isn't South Indian, save a limited few items.

        1. Not sure about which place has the best South Indian food, but I have heard bad reviews of Clay Pit and I would recommend India Palace (635/Preston). Authentic, good service, great food.

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            I wouldn't call it fantastically authentic, but Clay Pit is tasty, if nothing else. Their weekday buffet is one of the better lunch deals near my office.

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