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Sep 7, 2007 10:19 AM

i've got the cilantro chicken sausage, what to do with it?

I bought 4 lbs of sausage from a great kosher sausage place here in LA ( and the only package I have left is of cilantro chicken sausage. I've been cooking like crazy all week and my mind is just burned out.
So what should I do with these good sausages?

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  1. More information: are they fully cooked? Are they too lean to grill? Are they moist or dry?

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    1. re: WNYamateur

      they are already cooked. Havent had this particular style form them yet, but all others have been plenty moist, even after grilling.

    2. While I'm not sure of your dietary laws, one dish that's tasty is a combination of grilled sausages, roasted or steamed fingerling potatoes, and braised bitter greens such as Broccoli Rabe or Kale - or indeed any variety of greens. Lots of olive oil, minced garlic and S&P (cayenne optional) for seasoning.

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      1. re: Gio

        Hey Gio - no dietary laws, none whatsoever. (I just like the sausages at Jeff's)

        1. re: mr mouther

          Good then - the call is yours. We grill them and serve in a grilled hot dog roll with the usual accompaniments... or slice them down the middle and make a great sub cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc., slice them in rounds and add them to marinara sauce for macaroni, add to pizza toppings, incorporate them in fritattas,,,,,in other words use them in any recipe which calls for sausages....or be creative and make up your own. Sausages are so versatile - and the cilantro chicken ones are sooooo tasty. Oh and who can ever pass up sausages sauteed with vinegar peppers on a crusty roll? Not moi.

        2. re: Gio

          I like mixing sausage and greens- and also, instead of the roasted potaoes throw in a can of cannellini or navy beans with the greens. We use red pepper flakes with it.
          If it's Italian sausage I also sprinkle on some grated asiago.

        3. I love cilantro chicken sausage. Cook on the grill and serve with some interesting mustards as an appetizer. A few weeks ago I took some sausage, browned it, and in the same pan sauteed red peppers and onions with some leeks. Added the sliced up and browned sausage, added some white wine, put a lid on it and cooked it on low about 20 minutes until the peppers were soft.

          1. What I do with it is make Tacos out of it. You can also take it out of the casing and use it with eggs like Chorizo or an enchilada filling. I've also grilled it, and eaten it on a bun with sauteed poblanos and onions like a bratwurst.

            1. Like Gio, I don't know the laws. I do know I use chicken sausage in my chili instead of ground beef. I also saute it with peppers and tomatoes and top pasta with it.