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Sep 7, 2007 10:06 AM

Frankenmuth MI for lunch tomorrow

We're heading to Frankenmuth tomorrow for the car show, if the weather cooperates. My understanding is that Frankenmuth Brewery is still closed, which was our favorite lunch place. Is there any place in Frankenmuth beyond the chicken assembly lines (don't get me wrong, I like that chicken!) that makes interesting food? Preferably with a liquor license :)

I mention the car show as that means my DH and I will be on foot--we won't want to go too far from the downtown area.

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  1. Anyone...Bueller...Anyone??

    Well, that's scary! I guess chicken it is!

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      If it's nice, go to Willi's Sausage House, on the L side of the main drag going north. They'll grill up a sausage for you German-style, and you can eat while you walk. And they are said to have 115 kinds of sausage. Haven't tried this for a while, but it's worth going in to see what the deal is--at the very least, you'll see some great accordions for sale.

      Sorry I can't do better--my favorite place, which was the Deutschen Eck, closed too.

    2. I'm sorry for being so late with this post. Aside from the chicken purveyors, my BH and I have "dined" at the Main Street Tavern right square in the middle of town. You might try it for really casual pub food, and great beer on tap. There also is another brew pub in town, off Main Street. We've never given it a try tho'.

      1. Well, we ended up at the Bavarian Inn and it was good (we were ravenous)

        But appreciate the suggestions for next time--snowfest inf January!