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Sep 7, 2007 10:02 AM

HELP WANTED!!!! 25th Wedding Anniversary Party * I-93 / I-95 interchange

Hounds I’m trying to help a friend plan a 25th Wedding Anniversary party. When they first got married they didn’t have a party and now want to celebrate there 25 years together. So I would love suggestions as to the best place to have a memorable event. They had considered having an Odyssey dinner cruise but are fearful that some older guest may be hesitant to party on a boat. So I’m turning to the CH for great suggestions in the I93/I95 area, they have lots of family in Woburn.

Here are some details:
• Open to different type of food suggestions but NO Chinese
• NO buffet… limited menu
• Approximately 35 people
• Budget around $35 - $45 PP
• It would be nice to have a private room but not a requirement. Even a small restaurant that would close for the night for the event.
• Trying to plan it for October 19 or 20th

Hopefully I have provided enough detail to get some great suggestions. THANKS!!!

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  1. I recently learned that Tartufo, in Newton Centre, has an upstairs room, although I do not know how big it is.

    1. I wish I could remember the names of some of the places in Wakefield Center (which is right off 128) on Main Street. I do remember Harrington's on Water which is right off Main (they have an upstairs room - food is primarily American with an Irish flair) and then on Main around the corner is Restaurant Molise which is good and Italian food.

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        The Lord Wakefield Hotel, right there at the exit off 128.

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          A few more in Wakefield- Portabellos Italian/Portugese and really good), and I think they have a private room. Duck Walk also has a private room, but not sure if it seats 35. And not sure if Thai is an option.

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            Tremonte in Woburn Center, rents out it's restaurant on a Sunday, when it's closed.

            It's a smallish intimate restaurant with a bar, and pretty nice set up.

            The food is excellent. Not sure of their hours for "private events".

            Here is their website:


            It's a family run business, and Anthony is the owner. He has been there about five years now, and the lines are always out the door. I am sure they would work with you, about the buffet thing.

          2. I don't know if they'd rent out for the entire night, but perhaps Savory Tastes Café on Main St. in Reading would fit the bill? They seat a total of 40 people, so it sounds like having the entire restaurant for the night would fit your size group. Can't hurt to call them - their menu is certainly inventive enough, and I'm sure they could tailor it to fit your "limited menu" requirement.

            However...closing for a private event on a Friday or Saturday could be tough. But again - can't hurt to call! Oh wait - they DO host private parties! Click on What's New and then Private Parties.

            Savory Tastes Cafe
            601 Main St, Reading, MA 01867

            1. I recently hosted an event at Ristorant Molise in Wakefield. I highly recommend. You arrange in advance to have a limited menu. Our entrees ranges from about $13-$19 pp. We ordered family-style appetizers (Carciofi Fritti was especially good!) as well, and we arranged to have open bar, but you can set it up however you want. We worked with Elisa and she was great to work with. She said we could bring in our own decorations/centerpieces and our own cake.

              They do have a small private room which could comfortably seat maybe up to 30. You could have the restaurant to yourself if you did it as a luncheon- that's what we did.

              Everybody raved about the food, although I will say that my Gamberi alla rustico was on the bland side. The cake was also a big hit- from Colarusso's Bakery in Stoneham.

              Ristorante Molise
              464 Main St, Wakefield, MA 01880

              1. What do folks think of the Tewksbury Country Club??? Is the food good???

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                  One word YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  I had to eat an awful mothers day brunch there,,,,, awful awful awful

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                    If you are looking into a venue like that, I would suggest the Bellevue Country Club in Melrose. Have been to at least three weddings there, and the food has always been great. One of the weddings included a lot of vegetarian items, one had prime rib/stuffed shrimp. Great preparatin and presentation. Pretty room- not to big- but would probably h old 100 or a bit more.

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                      Do you know if the Bellevue serves daily lunch to the public?

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                        I don't think so. I know it is a private club, but that is a good question. Would be a nice place for lunch if they do.