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Sep 7, 2007 09:57 AM

La Crosse WI Trip for Octoberfest

We will be drving down to enjoy this fun filled event. Any fun places we should eat or anything we have to do?. I have never been and I am very much looking forward to the trip. Thanks all for your help

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  1. Here is the website of activities for the La Crosse Oktoberfest. Note the spelling.

    1. Wow--you're in for a great time! However, it is probably not the best time to be visiting the restaurants downtown. Everything will be packed! If you're coming for the 2nd weekend (1st weekend in October), you will have better luck eating at a decent restaurant. If you have a great time at the 'fest grounds, you may end up eating brats from a street vendor! The best time, by far, is the opening day tapping of the Golden ZKeg at the Oktoberfest Grounds. Great German music, lots of dancing, and BEER! You could try to eat at Freighthouse, Piggy's or Waterfront for great meals, but I doubt that they will be taking reservations. It could be a long wait. If you're waiting at a restaurant, you are missing out on the fun at the grounds. The parade on Saturday is also a great time. Bring a cooler, lawn chairs, and park yourself along the parade route. Only 3 weeks! Can't wait!

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        PS--I'm assuming that you will be festing (drinking!), so you won't want to drive to a restaurant. If, however, you are willing/able to drive, you may want to visit Kate's on State near UW-L. Traditions in Onalaska also has great food. Both places are "away" from downtown, so they should be less busy.

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          Thank you so much for all of the great information!. I greatly appreciate it

      2. "driving down" implies that you will be coming from the north, so this info may be useless, but we just passed through that area, and stayed in Tomah, a little east of La Crosse, and had some of the best fried chicken ever at the TeePee Supper Club, on the main street. Wow, it was great. Other meals we ordered were good, not great, but we will be talking about the chicken for a long time.

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          It's not Fest time anymore, but if anyone is heading to LaCrosse this summer, I went to school there, and they have some really good food! Take a walk by the river, go on a boat cruise, eat at Edwardo's pizza (cheese curds that put the State Fair to shame). Go to the Pearl, which is a little ice cream parlor. Fayze's downtown is great for breakfast, and Jules coffeeshop and bookstore is a winner too, all located downtown. If you are ever in the Student Union, make sure to get the cafeteria ladies to make you a "BIRD" sandwich-awesome turkey sandwich toasted on a bun with cranberry sauce (maybe that was the gobbler, I can't remember) Anyway, get it with Tater Tots and you'll be a happy camper!!

        2. This is not necessarily related to the original post, but I couldn't figure out how to begin a new topic. At any rate, hoping that someone with LaCrosse knowledge will weigh in. Driving from MPLS to Veroqua, WI on Thursday, 10/16. Our timing will put us in need of lunch in LaCrosse or thereabouts. We have 3 teenagers. Looking for healthy soup/sandwich type spot or general good home cookin', maybe a diner or burger/malt place might work. Nothin' fancy or expensive given the kids, but please save us from Subway and the like. Thoughts?

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            Try Rudy's Drive-in at 10th and La Crosse. It is an old fashion drive-in with roller skating carhops and the prices are inexpensive. Teenagers will dig it.

            For a full service restaurant at reasonable prices you can't go wrong at Fayze's on Fourth Street and Pearl downtown.

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              I would second the Rudy's idea. It is cute- a drive-in with car hops on roller skates (not retro I dont think...I just think it's always been like that). Great root beer floats, we used to take study breaks in college when we could find enough change behind the couch cushions! Also, you might want to go to the Pearl, down by the river-it's a wonderful little ice cream store and candy shop. If Lindy's is still around, you should try them for subs-I'm not sure if they are just carry out these days though-they've moved several times.