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Sep 7, 2007 09:23 AM

Red Hook

Just discovered Red Hook this week. Went to the Good Fork and Baked per recommendations on this board. Loved the area, which I knew of it earlier.

Any other suggestions of places to eat at in Red Hook? I know of the ballfields. Saw a diner called Hope and Anchor but that was about it.

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  1. Don't bother with Hope and Anchor -- it's just regular diner food, and not particularly good.

    Other options:
    - Fairway Cafe, good for a nice view and a sandwich while you're grocery shopping.
    - Steve's Key Lime Pies gets mixed reviews - I haven't had them, but some of my friends love them.
    - Tini is a cute little wine bar with a bunch of decent wines and some nice small plates. Not mind-blowing, but pretty good.
    - Sunny's is one of my favorite old school bars anywhere. It's really old, really crusty, full of weird kitchsy crap, and open whenever the owner feels like it. They occasionally have live music and it can be really spectacular. It's sort of a Red Hook version of the Ear Inn in Manhattan.

    Sadly, we recently lost 360, one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn.

    If you count the area west of the BQE but north of the Battery Tunnel as Red Hook (sometimes called the Columbia Waterfront District, or just Carroll Gardens West) there's also Bouillabaisse and Petite Crevette, both for extremely bad service and extremely good seafood, Ferdinando's for tasty Italian treats, and Alma, for an awesome view and so-so Mexican food.

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    1. re: oolah

      steve's key lime pies rule. my new favorite activity is riding my mountain bike all over red hook and then riding over to steve's for a swizel or whatever you call it. not much of a restaurant to say the least...just a picnic table if you want to eat yr pie.

      im still dealing with the loss of 360. i still love sunnys. its open every friday and saturday night...and i think wednesdays.

      1. re: sam1

        Where is Tini and Sunny's? How is the food at Sunny's?

        1. re: gtrekker2003

          Tini is just across the street from the Good Fork -- in fact, when I get together with a group for dinner at the Good Fork, I usually get everyone to gather at Tini first, since the Good Fork's bar is so cozy. It's next to LeNell's (at least for now).

          I've known Sunny's to have food on occasion but it's not a usual occurrence. It's down at the end of Conover (one block west of Van Brunt), just around the block from Fairway.

          293 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          Sunny's Bar
          253 Conover St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          1. re: brooklynr

            Important info: Sunny's is only open a few days a week and they open at 8pm on those days. Sorry, I have forgotten which days...but they are only open 2-3 days a week. I have yet to make it there because of this...

        2. re: sam1

          they are called "swingle", btw. i keep my freezer FULL of them. :-)

          don't forget to down a few schnack burgers while you are in the area.

        3. re: oolah

          I have to strongly disagree about Hope and Anchor. While there is a "regular" vibe, it is anything but.

          Their lamb burger, with curry, red pepper and goat chez, is divine.
          The thai salad yum!
          And, its fun, and different there.
          Have been a fan for years!

          1. re: Flanders

            I agree with Flanders...not sure why Hope and Anchor gets a bad rap.

            Great coffee and breakfast in general...fresh salads and primo burgers, beer and cocktails.
            It may be "dinerish" but in the best way!

          2. re: oolah

            I have to disagree about Hope and Anchor, while it may have a "regular" vibe, it is anything but.
            The lamb burger with curry and red pepper, and goat cheese is divine.
            The Thai salad, yum
            Burgers galore yum.
            It is a fun place. have been a fan for years.

            1. re: Flanders

              Hope & Anchor is a fantastic place. The quality of the food is largely immaterial. It's a fun, honest joint that any neighborhood would be lucky to have.
              Full disclosure: I was (and will be again) a karaoke-obsessed regular there. Friday and Saturday PM with Kay Sera: Best Krokey in town!

              1. re: HankyT

                I went to Hope & Anchor recently to see if it was as bad as people said. And it was pretty good. I had fish tacos that were really pretty tasty - and the service was fine. It's a cheap eat, local, nothing amazing but not bad at all.

                1. re: Brigita

                  We ate @ Tini for brunch over the weekend. Overall we had a really nice time. Our friend’s friend did the artwork on the walls (which by the way is for sale). Not a huge menu or place (hence the name) but it seemed like there was something for everyone which was important since my friend was a vegetarian. Our food was good; three of us had egg dishes and they were all very tasty, w/ home made potatoes and grilled toast and not tini portions at all. I forgot what my veggie had, but she seemed to like it just as much. We asked for ketchup and they ran out so the waitress literally ran out, went to a grocery store nearby and bought us some. She professed she was a ketchup fanatic and she felt bad. It’s nice to see service still counts. Our waitress’ effort, the tasty food and charming atmosphere would def. lead us back here again.

            2. re: oolah

              I understand that Alma has recently hired a new chef. We had dinner there last month and it was excellent in every way, service, food and view. I've eaten at scores of Mexican places in California, but would return to Alma every time i visit Brooklyn. Give it a try.

              1. re: zorrosf

                <falling on the ground laughing> :-)