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Sep 7, 2007 09:00 AM


A little while ago, somebody on this board mentioned an internet restaurant reservation system. Apparently it connects directly to the reservation system of any restaurant that is linked to it and, apparently, a number of Toronto restaurants are now so linked. It came up in the context of C5. Rumour had it that C5 was fully booked for months ahead but this particular person said s/he had no difficulty in getting a reservation using this system.

Yesterday, somebody told me that One was fully booked for dinner for the next three months. Any truth to this? Maybe I should try this internet reservation system.

Also, a little while back, somebody mentioned a French bistro on McCaul but I forgot to jot down the name. Again, anybody remember that? Thanks.

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  1. i think you're thinking about opentable.com

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      Yes, opentable...I just looked and you could have a table tonight or tomorrow...

      1. I called One yesterday & made reservation for lunch today with no problem.
        I went there today & found that the patio & the lounge were almost full but the dining room was only 1/3 filled.
        I don't know about dinner though.

        For C5, I went there last week for lunch & made reservation by phone 1 day ahead.
        I went there & found that it eventually filled up.