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Sep 7, 2007 08:54 AM

Korhogo 126

Has anyone tried this restaurant? It used to be bouillabaisse 126.

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  1. Yes... sort of. It was still Bouillabaisse last month when we went but Neil was long gone to Petit Crevette and the owner already had the new chef and most of the African influenced menu in place, alongside some of the old menu favorites. The food concepts were executed well enough but nothing stood out as having any zing to it. Maybe the chef was being timid during the transition but I didnt find that I loved anything I ate enough to recommend it. However, I will definitely go back, as it's still a great spot w/both nice indoor and outdoor areas. Warning: a little pricy for what you get, but I feel that way about P.Crevette these days as well.

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      Thanks. Can you recommend any alternatives in that area? I'm going to a show in Red Hook and wanted to go out to eat afterwards. Good Fork is booked.

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        It's not at Good Fork's level, but Pit Stop is good. It's just 3-4 blocks further on Columbia toward Atlantic. I assume that you already know that, if you're leaving Red Hook central for where Korhogo is located (Columbia and Union), it's just 4 more blocks up Union to Court St and 5 to Smith. If you're driving, you might as well hit Smith St. If you're taking the bus out of RHook via Van Brunt, just continue with it to Atlantic and eat on Atlantic. Or leave RHook via the ballfields route directly to Smith/9th St.

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          Thanks. I actually live on Court, so I'm familiar with the Court and Smith St. restaurants. I don't get over to Union St. or to Van Brunt, though, very often.

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      1. My chef husband and I had an awful experience at korhogo126 last night during restaurant week. The service was harried and slow, considering there were only two other tables in the restaurant when we got there this was unacceptable. At a restaurant of this caliber I do not expect the server to come and check to make sure the order was right two other times after writing it down as she took it. Our food came out severely overcooked, Escargot and Lamb for him, Calamari and Salmon (Well done not Mid-Rare as ordered) for me; except for the “rice ball” which was still frozen in the middle. A real mish-mosh of flavors. The best parts of the dishes were the vegetables, even my garbanzo beans, that were clearly Goya out of a can, were better then dessert. To add insult we waited an extremely long time for our check, finally we got up and waited by the door to hurry the waitress along. All in all I find restaurant week a poor example for most places, although I feel they should really make an effort to capture a wider range of fans during this time, we will not be back.