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Sep 7, 2007 08:51 AM

If you HAD to pick a Steakhouse in/near the Theater District

Long story short, I won a bet with the BF. So he wants to pay off the bet when we go to see a Chorusline in a couple of weeks. As a life long NYer (he IS NOT so he doesn't get it, LOL), I usually avoid steakhouses in the theater district, but we will be short on time that evening. Porter House may be a squeeze time wise so I was thinking Ben Benson's, but any other ideas would be welcome.

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    1. marais is nice too, and you don't have to be kosher to eat there!

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      1. Keen's is about 10 blocks away from the theater.

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          I love Keen's but we really need to be closer.

        2. I'm with you about Ben Benson's, not too far a walk from the theater district either.

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            Have you been recently? I'd love to hear more. Any recos?

              1. re: Ora

                No not recently, but I recall a pretty extensive menu besides the usual beef offerings for anyone who didn't want red meat, crab cakes, fish, chicken, etc. Of course if I'm eating at a steakhouse, I'm there to eat steak. I believe they have a website where you could check their menu.

            1. Bond 45. We had AMAZING service and they have a big bowl of chocolate chunks to grab on the way out! My BF had a steak and I had a huge crabcake. Both really yummy, not the bestest of the best.

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                When last we ate at Bond 45, we loved the mozzarella platter antipasto for the table. It was really good.

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                  Not steak, but I shared an amazing veal chop there with my dad - it was huge and pounded out as thin as can be. I also second the mozz. platter!