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If you HAD to pick a Steakhouse in/near the Theater District

Long story short, I won a bet with the BF. So he wants to pay off the bet when we go to see a Chorusline in a couple of weeks. As a life long NYer (he IS NOT so he doesn't get it, LOL), I usually avoid steakhouses in the theater district, but we will be short on time that evening. Porter House may be a squeeze time wise so I was thinking Ben Benson's, but any other ideas would be welcome.

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    1. marais is nice too, and you don't have to be kosher to eat there!

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      1. Keen's is about 10 blocks away from the theater.

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          I love Keen's but we really need to be closer.

        2. I'm with you about Ben Benson's, not too far a walk from the theater district either.

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            Have you been recently? I'd love to hear more. Any recos?

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                No not recently, but I recall a pretty extensive menu besides the usual beef offerings for anyone who didn't want red meat, crab cakes, fish, chicken, etc. Of course if I'm eating at a steakhouse, I'm there to eat steak. I believe they have a website where you could check their menu.

            1. Bond 45. We had AMAZING service and they have a big bowl of chocolate chunks to grab on the way out! My BF had a steak and I had a huge crabcake. Both really yummy, not the bestest of the best.

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                When last we ate at Bond 45, we loved the mozzarella platter antipasto for the table. It was really good.

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                  Not steak, but I shared an amazing veal chop there with my dad - it was huge and pounded out as thin as can be. I also second the mozz. platter!

                2. Frankie and Johnnie's right there in the district. Atmosphere of a 20's speakeasy and pretty good steaks

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                    I like Frankie and Johnnie's, too - not the very best steak I ever had, but consistantly good, and I love the atmosphere.

                  2. Chimichurri Grill, 606 9th ave between 43 and 44. Not a traditional steakhouse but a really good place for a pre theatre dinner and a very good steak. The place is very small, nicely decorated with good service. Food is excellent with an Argentine twist. Good empanada's and fries. My wife enjoys the fish. Check out the menu on line.

                    1. I like Del Frisco's and I think it's probably even closer to the theater (since it's on 49th Street) than Ben Benson's (which is on 52nd, I think)

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                        We've decided to go with Del Frisco's. Gosh I hope its good.

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                          It is. Great choice! The steak is excellent, certainly as good as Keen's. Never been to Gallagher's so I can't compare, unfortunately.

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                            What did you have that was great at Del Frisco's? I am thinking of ordering the 10oz prime rib as a combo w/the chateux potatoes, seems cost effective.

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                              Del Frisco's has a special "early bird" pre-fixe if you order before 6:30pm: for $39.95 you get a salad (probably mixed green or an iceberg wedge), 8oz filet mignon or salmon, 2 sides, and dessert! I think $40 is a real bargain for all this (especially when you see how expensive this place is). Plus you can always order some other stuff a la carte to share (e.g. onion rings or their excellent but VERY pricey crab cake). Since you'll probably be ordering before 6:30 to get to the show by 8pm, consider this option.

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                                I am totally upset--we couldn't get in Del Frisco's the day we wanted!! So now we're going to Ben Benson's!

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                                  I suggest calling Del Frisco's back the day before you want to eat there and again day of to see if they've had any cancellations. Also, ask if they serve dinner at the bar. That might be a fun option if there are only going to be two of you.

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                                    I wouldn't sweat it too much. Although Ben Benson's is a second tier NY steakhouse compared to Spark's, Luger's, Keen's, etc., it's not the end of the world. I think you knew going in that by limiting yourself to a theater district steakhouse, you would have to settle for the best choice available.

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                                  i like the ribeye, the chateau potatoes and the crabcakes.

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                                    I totally forgot to consider Bobby Van's. Thoughts?

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                                    I've had the ribeye and porterhouse, here. It's expensive, but think of it this way. You get enough food to feed you for two more meals. Three meals for $40 is a bargain. =)

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                                      OK--Ben Benson's tonight it is--will report back.

                            2. Palm's West for the lobster special is yummy. Steaks are good too. Have been to Bond 45 and not impressed, although I had fish when I was there and it was fine just not extremely good for what they charge.

                              1. i know it's a chain, but i like del frisco's. i've been to mark joseph's and peter luger's..

                                1. Angus is good, and it's right on 44th or 45th in the middle of the theater district.

                                  Or, it's not really known for steak, but really good BBQ at Virgil's.

                                  1. If you want a meat overdose, go to Churrascaria Plataforma, a Brazilian all you can eat meat place. Don't fill up on the amazing salad bar...their lamb is one of my favorites...it's meat, meat and more meat, but the salad bar is incredible, so have even gone there with a non-meat eater who loved it! W 49th St.


                                    1. Go to Victor's cafe. Cuban.