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Sep 7, 2007 08:34 AM

Bored of Options Spicewood/Mopac

Our group goes out every Friday for lunch and we're stuck in a rut. We have some "not-so-adventursome" in our group, so we end up at the following, in no particular order or frequency:

Chinatown (right next door)
Korea House
China Sea (no more since the green duck)
Din Ho
Jorge's on Hancock

Mikado on 183
Indian on Anderson
Brentwood Tavern

Help us out.

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  1. Lot's of options in the area, even for the un-adventurous. In no particular order (and not judging the quality of the food) and with variety in mind:

    Pluckers on 183
    County Line on 2222
    Waterloo on 2222 and 360
    Mesa Ranch on Mesa
    Mirabelle on Mesa
    Tan My (formerly Tan Tan) on Peyton Gin
    Z Tejas near the arboretum
    Mrs. B's at Mesa and Spicewood


    1. How about?
      Pars Deli (Middle Eastern wraps and such)--SW corner of Burnet and 183
      Tam Deli (Vietnamese sandwiches and yummy cream puffs)--N. Lamar, just north of 183
      Madras Pavillion (excellent Indian buffet)--NE corner of Burnet and 183
      Dog Almighty, Burnet, south of Anderson
      Elsi's, Burnet, south of Anderson
      Tacodeli, North Mo-Pac at Duval/Burnet
      Little Deli, in the Crestview shopping center

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      1. re: Hsien_Ko

        You know, despite all the positive things I've heard about Dog Almighty, I had one of the worst hot dogs I've ever had there a month ago. It had more in common with a kid's viena sausage than with a decent hot dog. And 75 cents for sauerkruat? I'll take a pass on the whole thing.

        1. re: Greg Spence

          I have to agree re Dog Almighty. Went there recently after hearing much praise for their dogs and their burgers. Not impressed on either count--burger was dry, dog was pedestrian. I thought the restaurant space itself was also pretty unappealing.

      2. omg...we ended up at Brentwood again. On the positive side the weather today is absolutely spectacular.

        Ah yes. forgot. we do end up at Mesa Ranch and County Line on occasion.

        1. Musashino(downstairs chinatown sushi)
          Grape Vine Market(great and cheap sandwiches, salads, and pizzas)
          Madras Pavillion

          Also within your range is the solid group by 45th and burnett including
          Blue Star(american)
          Sao Paolos(peruvian)-try the mussels app.

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          1. re: Trhosion

            Ugh. Blue Star. Avoid. Small portions, usurious prices, burnt meatlof ends served to customers without the bat of an eye. The only yummy things there are the fried artichoke hearts and the chess pie.

            1. re: Trhosion

              Maru does very affordable, and IMO, very tasty bentos/specials at lunch. While I'm a sushi addict, I'm actually partial to their beef teriyaki. It, like many of their dishes, is a little sweet (which I love). The lunch special comes with miso, rice, tempura (usually a few veg and one shrimp), a small salad, and two pieces of a cali roll.

              1. re: ashes

                I'm convinced. We'll try Maru next.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Billy's on Burnet is also quite tasty. They have a good patio for sitting outside on a nice day.

                1. Yes, I want to know about that, too!
                  Twin Lion at Braker and 183 does some good food, in particular the Spicy Black Bean Tofu with Vegetables, Lemongrass Tofu and Ginger Tofu. I enjoy their way with tofu, obviously. Their hot & sour soup is good and I like the big bowl of wonton soup with veggies and pork (and maybe shrimp?). They even have a passable chicken & rice noodle soup. I used to get the lo mein there, too, it was good. They have very low lunch prices but you'll need to order the tofu dishes from the regular menu. Their other fare is pretty standard Americanized Chinese, I guess. I tend to stick with the same items that I know I like.