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Gluten Free: Does this exist

Looking for a "fun and hip" place to take 6 people for a bday dinner next week, where the birthday boy is gluten-free. Any ideas?????

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  1. Pure Food and Wine (all raw means no wheat and great atmosphere.) Lasange and "ice cream" are winners.
    Or Rissoteria, much more informal, but definately caters to gluten free.

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      Risotteria might be a little cramped for 6, BUT I took my gluten-free friend there and she almost started crying, she was so happy to have somewhere that she could order safely. Also, I thought it was pretty tasty.

    2. Go to Caracas Arepa Bar. It's not a "gluten free" restaurant, but by nature what they serve is. Arepas are made of corn flour and they are awesome. The drinks are great, food not too pricey but DELICIOUS. I took my gluten free friend there and he LOVED it. Has been back many times since. Enjoy!

      1. Gradisca offers GF pasta upon request. http://www.gradiscanyc.com/menu/menu....

        Call ahead to be sure.

        1. There was a whole article on Manhattan's gluten-free restaurants in NYtimes this summer. Here is the NYTimes list of gluten-free restaurants:


          The article is not free anymore online, but you may be able to get it at your local library:


          1. Gus's Place, on Bleecker Street east of 6th Ave (a block SE of Rissotoria) is pretty good and has a GF Menu, as do the various Outback Steakhouses.

            Check out the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program places.


            French Roast, at 85th & Broadway is quite good. They don't have a GF menu as such, but the staff (one of whom is celiac) are at least gluten aware and will check all dishes for this and most allergies.

            1. Believe it or not, there are items on most menus that are naturally gluten free and most restaurants are happy to give extra care to the preparation of the GF meal (by using newly washed pans and cutting board, etc...) if you call in advance. So the best way to go is to figure out which restaurants you'd want to go to based on your other criteria and figure out the GF part from there.

              Cuisines that are especially easy include sushi (bring your own GF soy sauce for the birthday boy), seafood, especially Mediterranean (simply grilled fish with butter over rice), steak (bring GF steak sauce if BB wants it), Vietnamese, game.

              So all that said, I'd suggest: Morimoto, The Modern (Bar Room is more hip), Stanton Social (certain appetizers--Mayan corn, flatiron steak, beef carpaccio--and raw bar), Sushi Samba or Tao (I know, I know--but some people consider them fun and hip), Northwest (asparagus risotto, great wine and lounge space upstairs, but more fun and hip in a 35+ kind of way).

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                Also want to add Calle Ocho and the inexpensive, yet conceivably hip and festive, FLor's Kitchen.

              2. I would be careful assuming that raw means gf. Soy sauce for instance is not GF. I checked the Pure food menu and found a number of things that would not be gf. That being said, most restaurants can accomodate. Rumor has it that Mario Batali's restaurants will cook GF pasta. Marseille has a bartender with celiac and she has helped the staff. What you want to do is find a place where he can look at the menu and order what he WANTS to have, not what he CAN have. Thats the best birthday present for someone with celiac! GFRP has a fairly complete list...

                1. This is an old thread, but I had to post b/c as someone who has family with celiac disease I think it's good to update other people with the allergy if I find something good.
                  I ate at Mara's Homemade (6th st. near 1st Ave) this past weekend, and the food was fantastic! Their menu has red stars next to each item that is GF and even blue stars for items that are dairy free. It is great when a restaurant takes the guess work out of eating with an allergy.
                  Also, I am pretty sure most D. Meyer (tabla, blue smoke, modern) has separate menus for people with allergies.

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                    cool. This is a new one for me to try.
                    FYI Celiac Disease is not an allergy.

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                      That does sound great, and it's right near me as well! I'm always on the lookout for new places that are sensitive to the gluten-free diet, especially those within walking distance. As for the Danny Meyer restaurants, I've heard that Blue Smoke definitely has a gluten-free menu, but I know for a fact that Gramercy Tavern doesn't, although they were more than accommodating when we went there for my birthday this summer.

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                        Pala Pizza in the east village does amazing, original gluten free pizza. They also have gf rice balls that i havent had a chance to try but would love to.


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                          and this pizza of theirs is amazing. best gluten free pizza that exists, i think.