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Sep 7, 2007 08:00 AM

Awful sushi experiences in Osaka

Granted, I did not eat at every sushi restaurant in Osaka so I will refrain from any hasty generalizations. However, I did go to the Anthony Bourdain's sushi spot, Koyoshi as well as Jenin and two other highly regarded sushi restaurants. I will also say I went a bit cutting edge as I leaned more toward fish not present in the US. However, at home I enjoy all types of sushi.

Anyway, I did not like one bit of sushi I ate. The old stand bys like tuna, toro and salmon were no better or fresher then what I can get at home. In fact the sushi tasted "fishier" then at home which may indicate its freshness and may be interpreted by some as tastier.

I know all sushi served in the US with the exception of tuna is prefrozen. Perhaps that takes away some of the edge which I am more acustom.

Abalone repeated on me from days.

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  1. Summer is not the time for sushi.

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      I eat Sushi in the states during the summer and I find the contrast to be the same.

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        My x-wife was forever instructing me not to eat sushi in the summer, because it is easy to get food poisoning, as you seem to have found out with the abalone. Fresh fish does not taste fishy. I don't know what to tell you, you say you went to highly regarded spots. The only sushi that I've ever had in Japan that sucked was at Rainbow Roll sushi and they imported the idea of goofy American style sushi rolls. I like a California roll fine, but that place served stuff that reminded me of the sushi they sell in the super markets in the US.

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          Certain fish have certain seasons. The broad statement not to eat sushi during the summer is false. Otherwise, sushi restaurants would close for the summer not to risk food poisoning.

          btw, I did not get food poisoning, the abalone just repeated on me.

          1. re: shoeman

            I bow to your superior knowledge in this field, I have never been to Osaka or Pennsylvania. You have been to both places and found the sushi in Pennsylvania to be superior to the stuff in Osaka.
            m(_ _)m

    2. Tuna in the U.S., as with Japan, has been frozen. Depending on the season, it's brought in from different parts of the planet...Fortunately or unfortunately, Tony Bourdain makes a more compelling argument for a good sushi experience in Osaka on his program, than you do for a bad one in this thread.

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        i just came back ... i'll write a report later but in tokyo ... ate at sushi bun in tsukiji and ate some sushi at Toyoda and at Bange .... the sushi / sashmi at bange and toyoda were out of this world. i prefered the japanese fish that seemed to not be available in the US ... the cuttlefish at toyoda turned to butter and was delicious. the toro at toyoda was very good as well and i had some kind of japanese fish ... the experience at toyoda was bar none one of the best. the owner was extremely helpful in trying to explain what i was eating and for the sushi / sashimi / vegetables he came out with this encyclopedia and showed us pictures of the fish we were eating. in one instance he whipped out his personal pocket japanese language translator to tell us what we were eating. anyways i don't see how the sushi in osaka would be remarkably different then tokyo but i'm sure one of you will correct me if i'm wrong.