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What to order at Tia Pol?

Hey 'hounders,

Just repeating what I've asked in the title, what should I order at Tia Pol? I'm planning to go there for lunch this coming week and I have no idea what MUST be eaten there. They do serve tapas during lunch so, I'm getting excited going there.

Please tell me your choices!


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    1. patatas bravas are outstanding

      1. Chocolate chorizo, if my memory serves me correctly.

          1. MUST EAT: Suckling pig!
            Other good choices: veal skirt steak and anchovy butter,fideos with squid ink, razor clams as lanadai mentioned, carpaccio of oyster mushrooms, etc.

            and if you are adventurous enough, shredded squid, pig’s ear and bacon

            1. Went last weekend. Highlights were patatas bravas, razor clams and cockles, salt cod croquettes, and torta santiago. Special lamb meatballs were good but overcooked/rubbery

              1. More ideas ... http://www.chow.com/digest/1283

                Tia Pol
                205 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

                1. As mentioned above, the razor clams with cockles were awesome. The sauce they come swimming in - just amazing. Chickpeas and marcona almonds were also great, and so were the eggs and the bocata de loma. I didn't love the chorizo and chocolate combo, but I know a lot of other posters speak very highly of it. Daily specials of gazpacho and grilled sweetbreads were both very good, but stay away from the sweetbreads if you like yours cut in little pieces and fried to the point of being unidentifiable as sweetbreads.

                  1. I agree with everything that's been recommended and would add the periwinkles and the blistered peppers with sea salt. The latter aren't on the regular menu but are very often offered as a special. These two dishes, the patatas bravas and the chorizo and chocolate are my favorite. And, for dessert, I love their calimocho.

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                      Ahh! The blistered peppers! I had completely forgotten about them, but you reminded me, bml. They were perfectly charred and the flaky fleur de sel was great.

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                        Oh man, I have to third the blistered peppers!

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                          Fourth the pimientos de padron-some are hot, some are not-a little like playing Russian, er, Spanish Roulette. The chorizo on bruschetta with dark chocolate and hot chili threads I believe are called "el nino rebelde"-the rebellious child. First had them at Euzkadi where the chefs started in the East Village. My favorite. And lastly I would add gambas a la plancha-can't get the smell of shrimp and garlic off my fingers for days...and don't want to.