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Sep 7, 2007 07:17 AM

Saffron Bistro-Nashua NH review

We finally made it to SB yesterday for lunch. The place is quite elegant, a tad formal, sort of like a mini Ritz Carlton dining room. (I think it's the striped velvet upholstered chairs and satin window swags that make it feel that way.) There are a couple of tables out on the sidewalk for alfresco dining, and the bar is plush. The place was almost full with a pretty diverse crowd--the mayor was sitting at a table with a couple of cronies, a few tables of "ladies who lunch", and young couples in jeans. Lunch menu is an abbreviated version of dinner with fewer entree selections. We shared a fantastic pate de campagne, served with a small salad, gherkins, halved grapes, and coarse mustard. It came with a thick slice of grilled country bread--perfect. For mains, I had the lobster ravioli in a saffron cream sauce, and SO had tenderloin tips, with sides of potato salad and greens. Both were very good. The restaurant serves warm asiago rolls with meals--it's worth eating here just for these. Dessert was a chocolate creme brulee--not as light as the classic prep, but rich and satisfying. Service was courteous and professional--when I expressed interest in coming back for dinner, the waiter brought me the evening menu to look over. Saffron Bistro is a worthy addition to the vibrant Nashua dining scene.

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      Lunch entrees between $7 and $13. We had 1 glass of wine, 1 app, 2 entrees, 1 dessert, 1 tea & 1 coffee--bill was around $55.

      1. We ate there a couple of weeks ago. Came in towards the end of service. Everyone was very gracious and eager to serve us, depite being there so late. (always a plus for me since we tend to go out later in the evening). The room was nicely done with a good deal of thought behind it, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it seemed a bit sterile. Much likethe dining room a t a Mid Town Manhatton Hotel. And the lights were WAY to bright. The food was good. Fresh Scallops were obviosly top notch, Steak appetizer was sublime, but again the menu had the feel of a nice hotel restaurant and not the hipness of a downtown night spot. They should do very well as all the right aspects are in place just a bit stuffy overall.

        1. Saffron Bistro was reviewed today in the Boston Globe:

          Has anybody eaten there recently?

          1. I met 4 other ladies for dinner about a month ago - it was a good evening - but we all left each other and never commented on anything being special or memorable. Not in any hurry to go back - a very formal atmosphere in the dining room.

            1. whs you truly missed your calling - you should be reviewing restaurants for a living. I'd try a place on your say-so alone and no I'm not being sarcastic (for a change).

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