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Sep 7, 2007 07:09 AM

Where can I buy Azeka's ribs on Maui?

I was disappointed to learn that Azekas in Kihei, Hawaii (Maui) closed over a year ago. The website says "please watch for future announcements regarding the avaliability of Azeka's ribs"

Does anyone know if these can still be purchased anywhere?

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  1. say if you don't gat a response here try they mite have some places.good luck

    1. The Azekas granted a license to produce their Maui Rib Sauce to a local Vancouver BC company. You can contact them at:
      Albion Fisheries Ltd.,
      1077 Great Northern Way
      Vancouver BC Canada V5T 1E1.

      The sauce is called: 'The Original Maui Ribs Marinade/Sauce.' and is available in most Canadian supermarkets.

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      1. re: champagrrl

        We arrived on Maui on 10/26/07 and were so disappointed to learn that Azeka's ribs are no longer available. We had been dreaming of these ribs for at least six months. I don't understand why they are not available in the United States. They were here for years and you could even order them shipped to your home on the mainland. Why Canada?
        Anyway, we did find a recipe on online for Azeka's ribs. Wondering if it is authentic?

          1. re: chard4me

            The recipe is not authentic. It is not even close.

          2. re: champagrrl

            This is a poor copy of a great marinade.


          3. You can get the Original Maui Rib Sauce from a company in the Seattle area. The name of the company is Sandal's Commodity Brokerage and the contact numbers are as follows: Dan Sandal (425) 462-1020 or Mike Chong (206) 234-5417. They have the 16 oz and 1/2 gallon application available and also the marinated ribs in a vacuum packed bag ready to go.

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            1. re: mpacificblend

              This is a replica from Canada claiming to be the original marinade. It is not even close. Contact me for further directions to the real replica of the marinade

              1. re: revchow

                How do I get the "real" Azeka marinade recipe?

            2. I posted this a while back and not one reply, you will not be dissapointed. Don't let the sugar scare you, try it once and you will be a happy camper.


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              1. re: rcspott

                I tried this recipe & it was a hit wherever I cooked it.

              2. Azeka's has a Kickstarter project that has been funded.