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Sep 7, 2007 06:34 AM

Weisswurst in LA?

My wife and I recently visited Munich, where I introduced her to weisswurst. This sausage was a staple for me growing up, but it was her first time. It made a smashing impression on her. I know where to get the accompanying pretzel, sweet mustard, and sauerkraut, but I don't have a source for good weisswurst in LA. Are there any Munchners out there who have a source for good, authentic weisswurst?

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  1. 3 Square Cafe on Abbot Kinney serves it for breakfast and lunch. I checked their website just to be sure:

    You might want to call first and verify the info. Sometimes websites don't get updated right away.

    Enjoy the weisswurst!

    1. I've never found any authentic, other than canned, which isn't nearly as good... I've had German butchers have sworn theirs is authentic weißwurst here, but they obviously weren't from München, as it most definitely wasn't.

      Let us know if you find any she likes, though - that would be fantastic!! If only we could get good German Brötchen... Sigh.

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      1. re: torta basilica

        I'd be happy if I could find a nice German Mädchen (sigh). Weißwurst was definitely one of my favorites from my trip to Munich, but will LA restaurants stop serving them once the clock tower strikes noon?

      2. The European Sausage Kitchen makes excellent weisswurst and other sausages. Their veal is outstanding as well.

        9109 W. Olympic Blvd (at Bundy)
        (310) 276-1331

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        1. re: jeffrey

          I totally agree that European Sausage Kitchen has excellent sausage. However, their "white sausage" is Kalb Bockwurst which is a little different. I believe that Weisswurst in the Munich style has either marjoram or parsley in it. The consistency is very similar, but the taste is different. Alpine Village Meat Market has this type of White Sausage rather than the Kalb Bockwurst...Alpine also has Nurenburger Bratwurst in the freezer.

          1. re: Paliman

            The Munich style has marjoram. Thanks for the tips.

            1. re: Paliman

              Is the wwisswurst at Alpine Village veal?

            2. re: jeffrey

              We went on Saturday just to check things out. It's a good place. They've got a version of weisswurst, but it's definitely lacking the marjoram. That said, I liked it and will likely buy it again. It's not like I've got a lot of good sausage options in LA...

              FYI... the intersection is closer to Robertson than Bundy.

              1. re: glutton

                Do you boil them and does it have the removeable skin?

                I never knew Weißwurst has marjoram - I was going to answer parsley - and I lived in München for two years! The things you learn on CH...

                1. re: torta basilica

                  I steamed them and ate the skin. I actually screwed up and steamed them for a couple minutes too long, so the skins burst. They're pretty thin-skinned.

                2. re: glutton

                  Try Alpine. ESK is just Kalbbockwurst. It is like their Leberkaese is really Fleishkase. It is delish none the less.

                  1. re: glutton

                    Oops. I meant Doheny, not Bundy. Sorry about that.

                    1. re: jeffrey

                      My Grandmother who was from Munich (got out in 1938) constantly purchased from the Butcher on Olympic and swore it was as good as in Munich. My grandmother claimed that only Muenchners really knew how to peel the casing off a weisswurst. Heck with it,. As a kid I just ate the casing too.

                    2. You might want to try Shoop's on Main Street in Santa Monica (310) 452-1019. I've never been, but a German friend of mine likes going there.

                      1. The Red Lion Tavern - in Silver Lake
                        2366 Glendale Blvd
                        Los Angeles, CA 90039

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                        1. re: mattesq

                          I had this once and was disappointed. Perhaps I just got a bad plate, but the sausage was not very high quality and the sauerkraut tasted like an aluminum can. But I will freely admit that I am picky because I grew up with the real deal, homemade. I will give the Red Lion another shot -- everybody has an off-day.