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Sep 7, 2007 06:13 AM

Cool place to take my friend from New York for lunch?

My friend from New York will be here for the film festival.

We have lots of dinner plans at all the great places around the city....but where is a cool place with great food for lunch? We don't want to break the bank, since we will be having all of our meals out.


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  1. Foxley gets well reviewed, it is off the TIFF beaten path and is a different vibe than the usual places you'll be going...

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    1. re: Recyclor

      foxley isn't open for lunch as yet, unless that has recently changed.

      1. re: Kasia

        My bad, sorry!...thanks Kasia...

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        foxley isn't open for lunch as yet, unless that has recently changed. I have become pretty addicted to lunches at Salvador Darling. It's a small place on Queen just west of dufferin (just past the train bridge) on the south side. the decor is as funky as you can get - very stylized carefully selected mid-century furniture (not at all like a 50s diner), with stuffed peacock, and a huge snake skin tablecloth and such as decor touches. the menu is mainly sandwiches and salads but they are well put together, with good quality ingredients. Decent portions (the sandwiches come with salads). throw in a latte and you have a perfectly good lunch for under $10. The people working there are also quite friendly.

        What's great about this option is that you're in a perfect spot to show your guests two distinct (in my mind both must-visit) toronto neighbourhoods: parkdale to the west going all the way to roncesvalles, and queen west all the way to bathurst.

      3. Why not show him The Beaches and take him for lunch on the patio at ViVetha Bistro at the far end of Queen East.

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          I would suggest Cafe Doria at Yonge & Roxborough. They have really fresh salads, my favorite is the Spring salad - very simple - arugula, reggiano, pine nuts and avocado. Also great thin crust pizzas, paninis, soups, lattes, that kinda fare. The atmosphere is what makes the place though. I love it there and try to go at least once a week.

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            Doria is a great spot, particularly the shady patio. Great pizzas and I love the same salad as you. Only week spot, in my view, is the coffee but you can easily meander down the block to Black Camel for a fine espresso afterwards.

            Holt's Cafe is another fun spot - closest thing we have to lunch at Barney's.

            1. re: peppermint pate

              That is funny, Holt's is my second favorite spot and I was going to mention it also, but I figured that it would be really crowded with TIFF folk and maybe difficult to get in. It's very new york!! And how come that Spring salad tastes so good at Doria??
              I've tried making it at home but it just isn't the same. Crazy, seems so simple.

        2. If weather permits, how about the Waterside Bistro for the great view? Kinda cool for an out-of-towner. I know, I know, the food's not "great", but decent and affordable.

          Waterside Bistro
          255 Queens Quay E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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            where is this? I work in the area and the food sounds good.


          2. I love Cava. It is great food, tapas, so you can try a few different dishes and not spend too much money. Cava is located at Yonge and St Clair so convenient via TTC.

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              So many great idea....thanks everyone!

            2. If you are just looking for a nice lunch spot with great sandwiches and awesome desserts, can I suggest Dessert Trends on Harbord? The food is great, nice little place to eat...however, I don't know whether it qualifies as cool, or cool enough! lol