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Sep 7, 2007 05:54 AM

Udon stand at airport-which terminal?

Can anyone help me? I have a three hour layover at SFO around lunch time on Sunday. The last time I was there I found a great udon stand. But I can't remember which terminal it's in. Also, is there anything else worth eating at the airport since I'll have the same length layover on they way back. Thanks!

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  1. Go to the International Terminal. The best SFO chow is there, I think that includes your noodle bar. They have decent sushi and Emporio Rulli has a stand there.

    1. In the International Terminal is Ebusi and Osho.

      1. There is a stand called Tomokazu too, which is past security in one of the International boarding terminals.

        1. Yes, the International terminal has both Chinese (Harbor Village) and the Japanese stands that will offer you noodle. But there's also a Japanese stand in the United terminal in domestic. But I didn't try the udon so not sure if that was the stand you're thinking of.

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            I've had the miso soup at in Terminal 2 (United and American Domestic) and it was pretty decent. Haven't tried the udon. Of all the choices in that food court, I think the Japanese looks best.

            Are the restaurants at the Int'l Terminal inside or outside security?

            Depending on your layover (where you are going/coming from) you might not be able to access everything. For example, unless you are on a domestic flight leaving from Terminal 2 (mainly American and United), you wouldn't be able to go to the Japanese place there - it's not connected to the other two terminals inside of security. You have to have the appropriate ticket to go through security.

            1. re: Dave MP

              Several of the food courts and restaurants in the International terminal are outside of security lines.

              1. re: singleguychef

                Ebisu is definitely outside of security.

          2. I had a tasty bowl of udon (for an airport) at Sankaku, which is near Alaska Airlines and Air Canada in the first domestic terminal, just outside security.

            Ruilli's pressed sandwiches are great to bring along for the flight.