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Sep 7, 2007 05:52 AM

Gloucester food truck?

I seem to remember reading an article in the globe sometime in the spring/summer about a woman who runs a food truck in Gloucester. She parks on the street, and sells eggs, herbs, meat, cheese, vegetables, etc. from local purveyors out of the truck. Of course I can't find the article now, which gave particulars on where and when she would be. Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks.

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  1. haven't heard about it, wish there was a truck like this near me!

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      It's right at the rotary at the end of 128, she parks there every day. Haven't been in, but it was on the TV, on Chronicle on July 10th. It's call Ned's Truck, and is at the Grant Circle Rotary. The phone number is listed as: (978)283-2944.

    2. Ned's Groceteria...parked at Grant Circle as you head to 127 Annisquam. She sells breads , fantastic cheese , some meats , vegetables and gourmet specialties such as foie and various jams , spreads etc. Usually there Mon thru Sat around 11am to 6pm . And Ned is a she and she is grand as is the concept

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        Thanks so much for your help. I was sure someone here would know about this. I can't wait go up some day and blow my whole paycheck on some really good food! :)

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          Wow - how cool is that!!! If I had transportation, I'd go up there today. She definitely thinks outside the box!

          Please, if anyone visits her truck - please report.

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            she will have the permanent storefront, but she is not running the truck around for sales anymore, she plans to use it for deliveries.