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Sep 7, 2007 05:20 AM

Going to a Wedding in Westlake, OH

We will be going to a wedding in Westlake / New Olmsted the weekend of the 15th, and we'll have at least one night for dinner on our own, as well as one lunch.

I saw a thread on Cleveland, but I would appreciate suggestions narrowed down to the vicinity of Westlake. Google Maps turns up every chain known to man, but we have a strong preference for non-chains, and Cleveland "specialties". The recent Anthony Bourdain show on Cleveland was sort of a backhanded slap in the face to the city, so I wanted to give Clevelanders a chance to point out the best of their city.



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  1. Hi! You should check out the Moosehead Saloon for lunch, it's on Dover Center Road near the lake, where the suburb of Westlake ends and the burb Bay Village begins. Dover is a N-S street; if you let me know the property or street you're staying on I can give you specific directions. It's really good bar food IMO and a fun/cute atmosphere. Get the homemade potato chips and dip (these come with sandwiches if you get a sandwich).

    I've had good Indian food at Cafe Tandoor in Westlake but it's been awhile - I only like Indian food very occasionally. They are in the Sears plaza across from Crocker Park.

    We have a local middle eastern chain called Aladdin's that IMO has VERY good food (, there is one in Crocker Park. Also a Dave's Cosmic Subs which is a local sub shop, very good subs, also in Crocker Park.

    Bubba's BBQ is in Avon Lake which is a short drive from Westlake - it's the next stop on I-90 going west from Westlake. Bubba is a former Browns player and his 'cue' is getting very good reviews though I haven't had a chance to check it out myself.

    For good, fast and inexpensive Mexican, try Nuevo Acapulco. Don't be turned off by the fact that it's next to/part of a kind of dingy looking Days Inn, the food is really good if you like American style/tex-mex. It's on Lorain Rd just east of Columbia Rd on the S side of the street.

    For a little "finer" dining, there is a restaurant that's in Great Northern Mall called Wild Mango which has very good food. Asian/fusion theme.

    I agree, the show was a bit of a slap in the face though well-intentioned. We have a lot better things to do, see and eat here than what was featured on that show. Enjoy your stay and let us know how else we can help!

    1. I can vouch for Bubba's Q. Good, good stuff.

      Luchita's is good for Mexican. It's about a 15-minute drive east towards Cleveland to the West 117th St. exit, then drive south less than a mile.

      Another good place in Swingo's Grand Tavern in Avon Lake. Their menu is reasonably priced and their wine collection impressed a wine writer I dined with.

      Have fun on the visit and at the wedding!

      1. I agree with all of the above! I would add instead of Cafe Tandoor, which I think can be spotty, India Garden in Lakewood (maybe 12 minutes East of Westlake).

        Also in Avon Lake (or is it Avon?) is Henry's at the Barn which I have heard is fantastic low-country food. Anyone care to give a firsthand account? Viva Barcelona in Westlake always seems to deliver and M. Bistro is pretty good (as I last recall).

        There are a lot of non-chain places in the area, don't let Google fool you. And a BTW FYI, if you're looking for it on a map it's North Olmsted not New Olmsted.

        Have fun!

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          Thanks, all. Looks like we will have a lot of alternatives. I will report back after the wedding.


        2. well westlake is chain city (its the burbs and they like it predictable). The best that Cleveland has to offer is mostly in Cleveland! I have never been, b/c its in the burbs, but Three Birds is loved by all that go.

          1. I am going to stick strictly to Westlake, here are my rec's:

            Viva Barcelona - excellent, don't let the location fool you. It looks like it's in an office building, it's in Detroit Rd.
            Saucy Bistro - very good, nice wine selections. they did have a wonderful lobster ravioli, this is right across from Viva Barcelon on Detroit Rd. near Columbia.
            Cabin Club - excellent for steak, the atmosphere is a little campy for my taste - but the food is great. On Detroit rd.near Bradley rd.
            Hyde Park - while this is a chain, it is a local one. Consistently good steaks and seafood. This is in the Crocker Park Lifestyle Center.

            If it were though I'd venture into the city snd head to Ohio City or Tremont and go to Flying Fig, Parallax, Farenheit, Fat Cats, Light Bistro, or Lolita. You will have an excellent meal at any of these, all of the chefs are very skilled and are big supporters of sustainability - many of their purveyors are local.

            But by far the best meal you will ever have in Cleveland is at Johnny's on Fulton - near west side about a 15 minute drive from Westalke right off 90E, exit at W. 44th go right down about 1.5 miles on right side. Don't let the neighborhood scare you, it is so worth the trip.