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Sep 7, 2007 04:48 AM

Austin breakfast and dinner options

What a great board! We will be visiting Austin in a few weeks. We are arriving via San Antonio, Luling and Lockart, so we have BBQ covered. We are staying at the Driskill for four nights. I am surprised and disappointed by the apparent downward slide of the Driskill. We are looking for mainly breakfast and diner options. Would love to try breakfast burritos from a cart or a restaurant. I never have had a chicken fried steak, so that is on my list. For dinner I was reading comments about Uchi (I never had really good sushi) ; Hudson for steak: and maybe stopping at Wink for the tasting menu, but with so little time I can’t make up my mind! We haven’t tried real Mexican or Tex-Mex, only chains like Chillis or Chi Chi’s. So help us out. We want the experience, not necessary to have the ambience.

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  1. Chicken fried steak (I like chicken fried chicken better, but you can get either) at Freddie's place on South First just before Oltorf.

    For Mexican I would try Habenero's (gasp! Everyone that's a regular on this board just fainted) on Oltorf OR Polvo's, which is on South First. (you didn't think I'd make it through without at least mentioning; did you?) Habenero's has a nice chile relleno and fajitas. Polvo's, I would order either the fajitas or the enchiladas de la casa, cheese.

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      I second Polvo's and Wink. I know that there are mixed ideas on Wink, But I have personally only had really good experiences there. I would also recommend checking out Whold Foods downtown, just because it is super neat just to see all the things that they have.... I personally like to stop off at the chocolate fountain and have a chocolate coated smore.... Hmmmm!

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        Actually, Whole Foods is an excellent idea. The "make-your-own" sandwich bar has always surprised me in the quality vs. price. Really top notch ingrediants and I've never had a sandwich cost over $8 and it's WAY more than two people can eat.

        Have you tried the little bite-sized treats by the pound in the back case? Another super deal.

        BBQ smells good, but lacks the flavor. Pity.

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          That Whole Foods is really something. Got to breeze through on the day we left. Since we had 2 BBQ stops planned we did a little grazing of samples but WOW!

      2. I don't know the name of the place, but it is across the street from the Stephen Austin Intercontinental (which is almost adjacent to your hotel). There is a little open air (under roof) place where I had some great migas for breakfast. If we are back down again I'll be heading back for more.

        1. Hi easytravel777,

          I'm glad you're finding the board helpful. I've had good experiences at Hudson's on the Bend, and the setting is lovely. In the same area, I love the Backstage Steakhouse. Do a search of this board to see some of the many reviews of their chow. I haven't been to Uchi, but many 'hounds love it (though a few don't). By the way, here are some of those mixed reviews on Wink:

          For a Mexican breakfast in central Austin, I'd suggest Habañero Mexican Cafe. Polvo's breakfast food, in my opinion, should be avoided completely. There's another option, in a much more industrial part of town, called Taquería el Mesón that serves good food in a still tourist-friendly environment. Since you'll be close to downtown, you might want to try Angie's on East 7th. I haven't checked it out yet, but many trustworthy 'hounds consistently praise their carnitas and housemade corn tortillas. [By trustworthy I mean 'hounds who have objectively reported on the good and the bad at more than one place: All one-off raves on this board should be taken with a large grain of salt.] There are tons of incredible holes-in-the-wall, too. Just search the board for Tex-Mex.

          Austin, like most of Texas, focuses on breakfast tacos rather than burritos. A great cart to check out is Taquería el Rinconsito, on Manor just north of Airport Boulevard. Here are some threads about it and other taco trucks:

          You can search through the responses on the recent "Austin Soul Food thread" (just scroll down) or one of several on chicken-fried steak ( ) for ideas on CFS.

          Since the nature of discussion varies greatly from week to week, I'd also suggest searching this board for more threads on the restaurants that make your "semifinal list." That way, you'll see opinions from local 'hounds who may not respond to your particular query.

          I hope this information helps you make nothing but delicious choices.