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Sep 7, 2007 12:22 AM

Vegas - non-rich people good meals accessible from the strip

Hi - I am a lawyer in Vegas for a convention at Mandalay Bay this weekend, and last year ate at burger bar every night because I am not going to pay $100 for dinner to eat by myself in a mall.

Tonight - I ate at Burger Bar. It was $40 and it was fine. I did not feel ripped off. $13 for internet access in my $265 room - I feel ripped off. $27 for a flask of Johnny Walker in the lobby store feels like a rip car.

The Chinese places on Spring Mountain Road sound great, but I am worried that the $30-40 roundtrip in cab fare might be too much, though I might just do it anyway.

Is there anything accessible for a non-trashy, non-rich tourist.

I want excellent food, at non-insane prices, or good food at non-expensive prices. (I live in Hollywood and sometimes eat at AOC, Lucques, Angelini Osteria, Mozza, etc. - but for a special meal, not dinner on a work trip.) Any tips would be very appreciated for dinner Sept 7 or 8.


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  1. I think I will go to Lotus of Siam on Saturday.

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      Good call. Was wondering if the cab ride was too much but for pure value, Lotus of Siam is hard to beat in my opinion.

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        DB Brasserie has a $48 3 course prix fixe menu. Haven't tried it yet but want to. Heard is great.


    2. well, one idea for that would work tonite and tomorrow nite is to check out some of the prix fixe special menus (50 per person) at www.threesquares.orq. they are sponsoring restaurant week in LV and you might find some appealing choices at a more reasonable level and do good at the same time! Lotus is terrific but make sure you can get in; they get booked up on the weekends and often require a res. Spring Mt. Road does have some terrific choices, but the cab fare will probably outweigh your savings. Here's some other ideas: Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at the Fashion Show Mall, for pretty tasty tapas at a reasonable price point; there is also a new burger place next to them called Strip Burger which people have liked, but which I haven't eaten at yet; the coffee shop in the Treasure Island now has a Vietnamese menu with pho, etc., which might be pretty good; there is a chinese restaurant at the Gold Coast (slightly off the strip) called Ping Pang Pong which has good dim sum; and I actually think Okada at the Wynn can be done for a reasonable price depending on what you order...they have sushi of various kinds and also smalled grilled plates.

      You might also want to rent a car next time; they actually are more reasonable than a lot of things in LV and it will open up a whole new world of eating! I just tend to think it doesn't make sense to spend the time and $$$ to go too far off the strip (LofS isn't that far) by cab, but with a car, it's a different ballgame.

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        thanks for the tips - i just got off the phone with lotus and booked for tomorrow -- the cab isn't too bad and it's near the homobars on paradise i want to go to anyhow. next time i am getting a car though so i can check out spring mountain road and other stuff. i hate being captive in the strip.

        i had adequate $20 tacos at border grill for lunch, as i was elbowed by tacky trashy people in the totally frazzled zoo of a place that is.

        i am just going to go back to the burger bar tonight- at least for $40 i can have some good beers, and eat ok.

      2. Take the free tram from Mandalay Bay to Excalibur and then walk over to MGM. There are several excellent restaurants there in the Studio Walk area (except for Nobhill and L'Atelier - I don't recommend the latter, and it can be quite expensive anyway) and you can eat at many of them for a reasonable price. Just take a look at the menus, pick what you like, and grab a seat at the bar.

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          Wow - finally, someone who can see the light!

          I thought I was just about the only one on the planet who thinks L'Atelier is WAY overrated and overpriced. Nice!

          However, I do think that Nobhill is good. The chicken tettrazini is to die for, IMO.

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            I like Nobhill also, although we've only been once. Sorry if there was any confusion on that point. We had the chicken tetrazzini and it was very good and overall the experience was enjoyable.

            There have been others who didn't enjoy L'Atelier or who thought it was overrated and overpriced, to use your words (to which I agree) but overall it seems the supporters outnumber the detractors.