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Sep 6, 2007 08:57 PM

Bravo Gelato Any Good?

Has anyone tried Bravo Gelato on Roncesvalles? The store opened about 2 months ago. I am from out of town and someone told me about this new gelato place. Is it any good?

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  1. Um, i wasn't too impressed with Bravo, to tell you the truth. I am lactose intolerant, so I tried the cranberry, and the strawberry. The cranberry's flavour was ok, but it was sooooo icey that I really couldn't enjoy it at all; I just felt like I was eating chunks of ice. The strawberry was sickingly sweet, and just tasted like overly sweet, cooked strawberry jam. Although the texture was better than the cranberry, it was waaay to sweet, and I ended up throwing much of it away. I don't want to be overly critical because they have only been open two months, but if you are coming to Toronto or GTA from out of town, then you are better off skipping it and going to Il Gelatiere, Soma, Solferino (although I think the quality has gone down in the last few months), or if you can make it to Oakville, there is a WONDERFUL gelateria called Butterfly ice cream. They sell, I cant remember which ice cream, but they make all of their gelatos in house, and they are really really great.

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      At the risk of stepping into the heated love affair with Il Gelatiere that has been raging on this board of late, I found Solferinos on Wellington quite lovely. I've tried mango, passionfruit, coconut and even avocado. All were excellent. A coworker and I make it a weekly afternoon break stop. You can watch them make the gelato on site. (Wellington between Church and Yonge - across from the park)

      I haven't tried Il Gelatiere and nor do I have anything against it, but the CHs on this board are so in love with it I'm a little hesitant to mention anyplace else.

      1. re: dinin and dishin

        Bingo - this is the other outstanding outlet on my forthcoming list.
        I salute your good taste (or more correctly that your taste resembles mine).

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            Hmmm, I will have to give Solferino another try....the one time I tried it, I was thoroughly disappointed. Got the chocolate, and it was like ice cream that had been left in a freezer for a was rock hard. I could even see the servers were having a tough time trying to scoop it out. If remember correctly, I may have even broken the little spoon they gave me. The flavour however, was very good, much better than Dolce, but I will have to try it again before I say it is as good or better that Il Gelatiere.

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              I had the lemon plus another flavour I can't recall. Didn't try the chocolate (incidentally I have given up on chocolate from most scoop places - I don't think it shows that well, particularly the texture (hot tip: Gelato Fresco has 500ml cartons of a superb "low fat chocolate" available ONLY at their factory outlet - only open during normal office hours $7)

              Gelato Fresco
              60 Tycos Dr, Toronto, ON M6B, CA

              1. re: estufarian

                Low fat chocolate?............what is the point?

    2. I was recently in Bravo Gelato, and then immdiately left....I couldn't bring myself to try anything...most of them were neon coloured, and made me nauseous just looking at them....go to Il Gelatiere instead, you won't be disappointed.

      1. I live in the neighbourhood and gave Bravo a try. I, also, was not impressed. It was expensive for what it was and you can do much better in Toronto.

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          DOLCE....Have just visited twice and loved it...hardly ever see it mentioned on this site....any reasons?

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            Haven't tried Bravo - but have tried Dolce. Avoid! One of the few places I actively deter people from going to. Full details when I (finally) get around to posting my review of gelato/ice Cream places in toronto.

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     when will you be posting your reviews?

            2. re: pearlD

              I have tried Dolce, only because I happened to be in the area. I tried the chocolate, I always find this flavour to be a tell tale sign of what a place is capable of doing. And I have to agree with estufarian. It was awful.

              It tasted like watered down no name chocolate ice cream...and honestly, I am being nice when I say that. Also, I just got a small cup and they would only allow one flavour, little miffed at that...every other place allows for 2.

              Thus far, the best gelato that I have tried anywhere, is Il Gelatiere on Mt.Pleasant & Hillsdale. Yes, I know, I am more than a little biased given my passion for this particular place, and yes, it may be a tad more expensive than other places.

              BUT, I will gladly pay the extra 50¢, $1 or whatever the difference, for something extraordinary, rather than a pathetic excuse for a frozen dairy treat.

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                And, as a teaser, Il Gelatiere is one of only two places that get my 'top rating' (for scoops) - plus one producer who is widely available in 500ml cartons at stores.
                I'm trying to finish this off - just a couple more places to try and a couple to repeat.

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