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Sep 6, 2007 08:07 PM

Guittard unsweetened chocolate "buttons" in SF?

I just moved north and need a source for good bulk chocolate in SF, like at the Milk Pail Market in Mountain View.

They carry little tubs of Guittard chocolate and I'm most in need of the unsweetened chocolate, since I can find good semi/bitter/milk chocolate elsewhere. The unsweetened comes in small, quarter sized discs. It is delicious and really easy to use.

Does anyone know where I can find these in SF? If not, is there another source for good unsweetened chocolate that is not super pricey? I looked at Rainbow Grocery, but their unsweetened was in a big brick.


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  1. I haven't seen them in bulk but I think I saw these in package form at Bittersweet Cafe on Fillmore a while back. Try calling before you go.

    Bittersweet Cafe
    2123 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

    1. I'm sure they don't cut any sort of deal but I know that Sur la Table in the ferry building sells these - in white, milk, dark and semisweet. And sometimes Trader Joe's has high quality chocolate (not 100% sure if they have unsweetened or not) for pretty cheap. Good luck!

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        Trader Joe's doesn't have unsweetened, unfortunately. I do use their large bittersweet bars for baking sometimes, though.

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          Do you have a brand/type of unsweetened chocolate you use and like that is available in SF? Thanks!

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            I usually keep the Scharffenberger unsweetened bars on hand. Some people don't like the flavor profile of Scharffenberger, but I like how the chocolate desserts turn out with it. I'd love other suggestions for unsweetened chocolate as well (except for Baker's, of course).

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              I just found unsweetened chocolate at the TJ's in SF on Masonic. It is an 8oz bar for $2.49 (I think). I'll try to remember to post about how it tastes once I bake with it.

      2. Thanks so much for the responses, I will try the Bittersweet Cafe and Sur la Table

        1. You mentioned unsweetend, but I don’t think Guittard make 100% in the wafers. They do have 72%, 61% and a few lower percentages in the wafers.
          Btw – sometime you’re giving up the added cocoa butter in +80% chocolates. You loose the nice mouth feel, and need to add additional fat such as butter, cream. Depending on what you are making, sometimes its better to us a nice 60-70% cacao that has a higher cocoa butter content, then add abit of cocoa powder or abit of coffee to bring up the flavor.

          72% cacao Guittard wafers 1 lb = $12.00 + S & H

          Guittard is a recent player in the retail arena. But I've been getting mine online for years, at a much lower price than you’ll find at SLT or Guittard.
          Here's a couple of links :

          72% cacao Guittard wafers 5 lb = $39.00 + S & H ie$7.80/lb

          72% cacao Guittard wafers 1 lb = $ 6.95 + S & H

          Another hi-end chocolate is Valrhona from France - it has a higher percentage of cocoa BUTTER, so it has a nice mouth-feel. Again, it used to be difficult finding in retail stores. Now Trader Joes carries it.
          3.5 oz bar = $2.99 ie $13.70/lb 54%, 63%, 71%, 81% cacao

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          1. re: LauraB706

            Actually, Guittard doesn't feature (or even mention) the unsweetened chocolate wafers on their website, but they are available from other vendors on the web.

            Here's a link to, where you can get the wafers in a 1 kilo (2.2 lb) bag for $12.95 plus shipping (shipping is $7.95 for up to $50 order, so it's worth it to order more or order with a friend):


            1. re: Nancy Berry

              Nancy, thanks for the info. I didn't realize Guittard makes the 100% wafers. I stand corrected.

              and thanks for the prices @

              btw - One of my favorite nibbling/baking chocolate is Guittards French Vanilla 54% - low in tannins, creamy, somehow mellow yet rich.

          2. Some Whole Foods sell Valrhona, Callebeut and El Rey in bulk, as well as Valrhona cocoa powder. I would call and see if yours does, since their prices are pretty good. If you're in the East Bay, Cafe Rouge on 4th in Berkeley usually has a good selection as well.

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              Are these chocolates in bulk at Whole foods unsweetened??