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Sep 6, 2007 07:45 PM

Carmine's-Asbury Park

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me if Carmine's in Asbury is family-style or not? I heard from some it was, but I'd like to get the real deal before we decide. I have a group of about 5 or 6 going with very differing tastes, so I'd like to know if we're talking individual style portions, or the kind of family-style, sharing that I've heard goes on here (or maybe I've just heard this b/c Carmine's in NYC is family style??)


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  1. I haven't been to Carmine's since they moved, but they used to have single, albeit large, portions.

    I hope their veal milanese is still as good as it used to be. Report back and let us know.

    1. I ate at the AP location shortly after it opened. It was individual portions, not family style. The food was only OK, and I thought the prices were high. Have not been back. I don't think it's connected in any way to the NYC Carmine's.

      1. It is not family style and does not have particularly outstanding food.

        1. Carmine's is semi-family style if you go on a Sunday they have Sunday dinner for two and the food is really pretty good and not over priced. It is certainly worth a try at any rate. Try the Pasta Sinatra - as weird as it sounds - quite good. Service and the like are all done well.

          1. I see this thread is from last year. We're going there tonight for the first time and I was doing a little research first.
            The menu looks great. Lots to choose from. I hope I choose wisely. Usually I go with the fish, but I'll keep that veal in mind.

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              We were not overly impressed with the food, especially considering the price. What was worse was that we were there with friends on New Year's Eve and at 10:00 before we had finished our wine and desserts they went around to the remaining tables and told us all they were "Shutting It Down" and that we had to hurry up and finish. I will never go back!

              1. re: Pink Pepper

                It was pretty good. Not great considering the price. I'd rather spend my top dollar at places like Nicholas.