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Sep 6, 2007 07:42 PM

Borough Food and Drink for Lunch?

Thinking about going to BFD for lunch (client in town) next week. Anyone been? Does it have a good vibe and energy at lunch? I Had walked by a few weeks ago and they weren't serving lunch yet but noticed them on Open Table so seems like it might be somewhat new.

Our other options would be Craftbar or Blue Water Grill.

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  1. I went for dinner and thought the concept was kind of interesting - especially in the app department, getting a wide variety of NYC cuisines from different landmark spots is kind of fun (even if you know in your heart that dumplings don't cost $10 a dozen). The only negative I'd have on the place for lunch would be that the food is almost universally very heavy - they do not take it easy on the butter, oil or cheese in any dish I had - so you might have to be extra-careful to pace yourself.