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Sep 6, 2007 07:20 PM

Anything Decent at Knott's Berry Farm?

We're heading to Knott's this weekend. I haven't been in more than a decade. Is there anyplace decent to eat inside the park? Or is it all the standard theme-park swill?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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    1. re: bubbles4me

      Don't forget the cabbage and those little biscuits with butter and boysenberry jam. That cabbage is so simple but so good. Add a slice of the boysenberry pie and it is a very good meal. We go to the take-out counter just a few doors down from the main kitchen and get some to-go every few months.

      1. re: JeetJet

        is the takeout part quick?

        or long lines too?

        1. re: kevin

          pretty fast but it depends on the time and day of the week

      2. re: bubbles4me

        agree on the fried chicken, don't expect ad hoc but its good

      3. Second Mrs. Knott's fried chicken. Not everyone loves it, but I think it's really good. People who aren't even going to the park eat it. The restaurant is actually located outside of the paid park. There's often quite a line. Boysenberry juice used to be good, but last time it seemed really sweet to me (maybe it's my changing tastes, not the juice.) If you have to choose the inside the park selections (which is typical theme park fare) the food in the "Mexican" area is the best (which doesn't mean it's good.)

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        1. re: writergirl

          OMG - now I want Knott's Fried Chicken. I loves those evil little buttery biscuits. Line is long, but it's fast.

        2. If you're 60+ the senior dinner the last time I was there with my folks was $7 for the complete dinners. Everyday from 3pm-5pm except holidays.

          There's always Portillo's just down the street for Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs. 8390 La Palma (in the shopping center across from Wal Mart).

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          1. re: monku

            Mmmmm. My boyfriend's Italian, born-and-raised-in-Chicago dad drives all the way from the Valley to go to Portillo's. It's good stuff.

          2. The biscuits from the chicken restaurant rock. Also the "on-a-stick" and funnel cake place (next to Log Ride). You must drink the boysenberry punch with every meal. Addictive. If only they served gin...

            1. don't forget all you can eat prime rib and king crab legs for $18.99 at amber waves in the KBF hotel... haven't been in a while, but they're still doing that, no?