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Sep 6, 2007 07:13 PM

Anyone tasted wines in Fair Play, CA?

I should have posted this earlier but didn't think about it until now. I am heading up to S. Lake Tahoe tomorrow and wanted to stop in Fair Play on the way up for some wine tasting. If anyone's been there and have any recommendations for where to go, please comment! Thanks.

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  1. The best wines inthat area (IMHO, ofcourse) are produced by Jonathan Lachs and Susan Marks at Cedarville. They're open only by appt., however, and it's probably too late for that.

    Nancy Steel makes some really delicious wines at Perry Creek. So, too, do the people at Latcham and Granite Springs -- same owners, two different wineries and tasting rooms. Both worth stopping at, as is Mount Akum.





    1. Single Leaf, Charles B Mitchell and Perry Creek are three of my favs. I like Fitzpatrick for the view, hospitality and the Ploughman's lunch, the wine is not a draw for me. I recently tried Mt. Aukum, it has nice views and the wines are very drinkable. I especially liked the Mourvedre. There is a lot of Zins in this area. A lot of what I tasted is not drinkable now, too youthful for my palate. On the way over to Fairplay from 50 is Sierra Vista, though I haven't been there in years their wines are very nice, IIRC they have a really good Viognier.


      Sierra Vista Winery
      4560 Cabernet Way, Placerville, CA 95667

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        Sierra Vista is indeed excellent and worth the stop!

      2. To all, thank you for your recommendations. Unfortunately, my group was pressed for time so we chose to stop at a couple wineries closer to Highway 50. We first stopped at Sogno. They have 15-20 wines to taste. Their wines were so-so, with their temperanillo being my top pick. We also stopped at Madrona and they had a dozen or so wines to taste and were better. Their Quintet, Syrah, and Syrah/Cab blend were quite good. The group I was with was a bachelor party and they gave the bachelor a fairly expensive bottle of cab on the house!

        1. My favorite is a small winery and vineyard in Fair Play called Gold Note. It's open by appt. only, but the winemaker is really nice and fun. They give you a private tasting. They've won gold medals awards, etc. It's right by Perry Creek, TooGood, and Fitzpatrick. The wine is yummy.

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