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Sep 6, 2007 07:12 PM

Tian Recipe from "Have Fork, Will Travel"

Anyone manage to get that tian recipe? It's not on the food network site. I remember apricot halves, olive oil, grown almonds, sugar, Grand Marnier (I think) and ?????? It's not on the Food Network website.

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  1. I think it was apricot jam as well that was mixed in with the almond flour and sugar.

    1. Apricot jam mixed with ground almonds and sugar and poured over the apricots. 4 beaten eggs and some cream as well as grand marnier.
      I think that was it.....

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        It is 4 I am watching this now, I see the same bowl with 4 eggs & after he cracks one which we see, they show the same bowl with 4 cracked egg shells. The are brown eggs & it can be hard to tell. I've watched it several times to make sure.
        Recipe is olive oil for the bottom with apricot halves on top, mixed together- ground almonds, 4 eggs, some cream, homemade apricot jam (I'd use jarred), black pepper & orange liqueur sprinkled on top. I plan to do this with other fruits & matching jam. Now the measurements are eyeballed, but easy to figure out if you happen to have it taped/recorded or just by memory. I'm a bit leary on my memory with new recipes, but this one looks real easy. I'm backed up on my TiVo, but am looking for more airings & don't see that episode coming up at least in the next week. My guess is that it'll air again. I watch the food network everyday & either this is new, or I am just lame. ~LOL~

        Again......they DID USE 4 EGGS......please look for future airings on this episode in Marseilles, France and check out the bowl of 4 egg shells. They did not mention what brand of orange liqueur, but I'm gonna use Grand Marnier.......I sent my hubby out for some orange liqueur & he brought home that blue stuff for blue drinks. We live in Vegas and don't drink much & he tells me they don't have Grand Marnier at a local liquer warehouse no less!!! *LMAO* That cost him $20 on the bet they'd have some orange liqueur in this town & that blue stuff doesn't count as he knew it was solely for desserts.

        I'm gonna make this Tian as it looks sooooo YUMMY!!! I'll let y'all know the outcome:-)

        I'm from a bakery family & I checked it out with my baker dad who confirmed that 4 eggs does sound correct for those wondering. Using only 1 could really make a HUGE difference when it calls for 4. Wish they'd post this recipe.

        HAVE A GR8 DAY!!!

        "Life is Short.....Eat Dessert First."

      2. olive oil in pan, apricots split in half-on the olive oil, apricot jam, ground alomonds, 1 egg, cream, fresh ground pepper (just a little), pour mix over apricot halves, pour orange flavored liquor over the dough, bake 20 minutes at 320 degrees =this was all we were able to catch of it. Sure wish they would list the recipe, so we could have exact amounts.

        1. Wasn't it four eggs he had in the bowl? I am going to try to test this one out here at work and see what I can find out as far as amounts. Don't tell my boss...

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            There were four eggs in the bowl/basket on the side, but they said one whole egg into the mix, too many liquids with four eggs, cause they have the jam, and the cream as well- in the almond flour mix, I would guess about approx 1/2 to 1 cup of cream, and 1 cup of a runnier looking jam- from what I remember seeing him pour in to the mix. It was approx 3 grinds on a pepper mill into the dough mix. I suspect the almond flour was about 2 cups, maybe more, it was pretty runny though-looked like pancake batter to me. He went in a spiral movement with the orange liquor accross the top of the dough- maybe three circles before putting it in the oven. don't know much about European ovens, so temp may be off for the time too.

            It's on again next Saturday, too, if you want to watch it again to get a better looki at the ingreedients etc...

            Let us know how it worked out...what measurements you came up with, and cooking time/temp etc...

            1. re: only1cookie

              Hi Cookie,
              I could not wait to try it out! I did exactly as you wrote: 2 cups of almond flour, 1 cup of apricot jam, 1/2 cup of cream, 1 egg, pepper, extra sugar ( because the apricots and jam were made with splenda, what gives a bitter taste). It is a pancake batter, but enough to cover a 10,5 inch pan (European size). I only had Grand Marnier, but it did not add to the taste, so I better had drunken it in a glass!
              I cooked it longer on 320 degree: 35 minutes.
              Still the consistency was not so, that the slices came out clean: the apricots were glued to the bottom (I put oil first!) and messed up the look of the tart on the plate. The taste was excellent, but when you mix good tasting ingredients together it will always taste great, messed and all!
              I am open for suggestions.

              1. re: maryke

                Thanks to all. I'll try it too once I get some apricots.

          2. I tried it today, and it turned out fairly well. Here is the recipe I used:

            -3 peaches, quartered (apricots out of season)
            -1 Cup Sugar-Free peach preserves (Smuckers)
            -2 Cups ground almonds (raw)
            -1 Cup cream
            -4 whole eggs
            -1 Tbsp olive oil
            -1Tbsp Grand Mariner Liqueur
            -1 Tsp Black Pepper (three grinds)

            -Baked at ??? for 40 minutes

            The numbers on my oven are worn off, so I had to guesstimate. I believe it was about 250 degrees. It was going quite slow, and I kept checking it because I was unsure about the temperature, so it probably took 5 minutes longer because i opened the oven about 3 times. The last five minutes I got impatient and tuned up the heat about 75 degrees, and the top got a nice golden brown color. I took it out, let it cool for about 10 minutes and dug in. I used a deep pie Pyrex because I do not own a tian :), and the recipe I used made about a half cup of extra batter because of the smaller dish. It tasted pretty good, and the peaches were perfectly cooked. The almonds really gave it a unique flavor and texture. I didn't taste the liqueur at all, so I might even put a bit more next time, maybe even in the batter, and then on top as well (was that for browning only?). I thought that it might be a bit too "eggy" because I didn't use all of the batter, but the proportions of everything else was the same, so I might use only 3 whole eggs, and one extra egg white next time (maybe add a bit more cream too?). The batter tasted really great otherwise, but I might toss the fruit in a quarter Cup of sugar next time because they were just a little sour. It did not rise very much at all, but I filled it up right to the brim so a little bit spilled over as it cooked (good think I put it on a foil lined cookie sheet). I have some leftovers, so I am going to heat them up and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (even though that French guy might punch me if he ever saw that).

            In a related note, I made the "Fish A La Marseilles" from that same episode. It turned out pretty good, but I used a bit too much parsley, the catfish I had wasn't the best quality, and I used too much salt. It had very unique flavors, and texture, and I would definitely try it again.