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Sep 6, 2007 06:44 PM

KC Ren Fest--Suggestions?

The rennaisannce festival is now in full swing and I got some free tickets. I havent been in years but its kind of fun to go and walk around...whats some good chow while I'm there?? I grew up on the turkey legs but I've never tried anything else. I remember some pedesterian offerings such as hamburgers and brats and fish and chips. anything unusual or just plain good? I saw the feast of fooles on saturday, but I was just wondering if anyone had gone in years past and could reccomend any standouts.


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  1. I went there last weekend with 3 others and we tried a bunch of things. FIrst time I've seen Scottish eggs, which is basically a meatball made from sausage meat with a boiled egg in the middle, comes with a nacho cheese like dipping sauce-disappointed thinking with sausage like meat it would be a bit more flavorful. Another thing to stay way from which i can't think of what the name is but it basically had criss cross spuds on the bottom then topped with meat, onions, and bell peppers and had some nacho cheese sauce, it was rather bland tasting and I couldn't figure out what kind of meat was in it.
    The turkey legs were pretty good, the footlong sausage on the the stick was one of the best things we ate. We also got some chicken fingers which was good, but it's something you can get anywhere. For sweets the apple dumpling was really good, nice and hot in the middle with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. We also enjoyed the cheesecake on a stick covered with chocolate, it was a rich and creamy cheesecake.

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      Ahhh I love RenFest.

      Be sure to try the mulled mead. Delicious and it's actually made on site.

      Turkey legs are good, but I think their fish and chips are actually better, and v. tasty..

      I always try to get some hot apple cider or a giant pickle out of abarrel as well.

      And cheesecake on a stick! I know its totally un ren-fest, but it's delicious.

    2. This was when I was in high school, mind you, but I really enjoyed the apple dumplings. I keep wanting to to go the Ren Fest again, but I'm afraid it won't live up to my memories, you know?

      1. It has been years, 20 +, since I last attended the festival, but I do remember liking Italian Ice. It was half of a piece of fruit and the other half was replaced by flavored ice. I think that I've just had the orange.