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Sep 6, 2007 06:24 PM

This weekend in Pittsburgh

I have a group of guys in their 30's coming into Pittsburgh for this weekend to watch the Cubs / Pirates and hopefully eat some good food. Also, plan to spend some time in a bar drinking and watching football.

Sounds like Pamela's is good for breakfast. Is it near our hotel or would you have another place you can recommend for Saturday breakfast. Not looking for anything fancy.

I'm told we will be having lunch at Church's Brewery one of the days.

We will be staying at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh and probably will not rent a car. We're happy to walk and take a cab if needed.

Not looking for pizza and would welcome any ideas on all types of ethnic food. Planning to go to Primanti one late night for Pittsburgh's famous sandwich.

Where would you recommend to watch the Steelers and Bears game on Sunday? Planning to spend Sunday in a bar for opening of NFL season.

Any info would be appreciated!

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  1. Some "Sport Bars" are close to PNC Park. You may want to look into Bettis' new restaurant b/w PNC & Heinz, "36". Pamela's is good but take a look a DeLucca's for a more classic diner atmosphere. Both will likely have a wait. You might enjoy Six Penn upscale restaurant either for dinner, snack with drinks at the bar or the open air Patio on top. Lemon Grass is good Cambodian/Thai/asian. Enjoy Pittsburgh and PNC Park.
    PS Lots of options on Carson Street on the Southside

    1. At the Sharp Edge you can do some serious Belgian beer drinking and watch a game. At Fat Head's you can eat headwiches and watch a game. You won';t want to walk to either of these joints - or back again, either. But they aren't far.

      You can walk up into the strip to Pamela's. Big skinny pancakes and Tex-Mex omelet with chorizo.

      1. Sharp Edge would certainly fit the bill for better beer, but better TV is at Sports Rock, on the lower end of the Strip (about 6-7 blocks south of Pamelas, across the street from Lidias). They've got big screens plus small TVs at each table that you can control yourself so you can follow a couple of games at once quite easily. There are other places, but most of the better ones are in the burbs.

        The food is fairly normal sports bar food - filling, but not CH-worthy - but you can get Yuengling in addition to all the usual sports bar lite-beer atrocities.

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          The Sharp Edge Creekhouse in Crafton has the same great beer selection as the original Sharp Edge, but more and bigger TVs, if that is something important to the OP. It's not far from the South Side and is probably a $15 cab ride from downtown. The food is much better than the regular "sports bars," also.

        2. For beer, you definately get a good selection at sharp edge, but fatheads on E. Carson St. in the South Side is a younger hangout in a better place to eat definately. It has HUGE sandwiches and other good appetizers and wings. I think that fatheads is a great place to eat lunch and watch a game. I also like Bettis' "36 Grill" by PNC park, it has pretty good food and a fun atmosphere.

          1. Also, you should do Pamela's for breakfast...there is one 21st street in the strip district, which is by your hotel (it's walking distance, but it would be a little bit far). There is usually a line out the door, but the pancakes, lionaise potatoes and omlettes are well worth it in my opinion. Nothing fancy, just good, diner-style breakfast.