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Sep 6, 2007 06:20 PM

Lunch near Hanger One Vodka in Alameda

We are going on a tour of this Vodka producer and would like to have lunch afterward nearby. Hanger One is near Rosenblum winery.

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  1. If you go down Webster St., there is a variety of places--Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican and at the corner of Webster and Central, is The New Zealander. Some of the best dim sum in the Bay Area is at East Ocean.

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    1. re: JAYZMOMM

      Yeah, both East Ocean and Crown Wok are good for dim sum (although at Crown Wok you want to be in the back room, as the front is sort of a gringo ghetto where the good carts never go); Otaez is inconsistent, but I've had nothing but good luck with their weekend specials. There's also a more taqueria-style Mexican place that's supposed to be pretty good a couple of blocks farther down Webster.

      Finally, if it's before 2:20, I recommend Albert's for a slightly funky take on American coffee shop food. Here's my report:

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I am almost positive that Alberts is gone. I went by the other day and it looked like it was being dismanteled. Speaking of which, what happened to Bacci, a nearby deli on Lincoln? Is there closure temporary?

        For the OP, avoid the Everett & Jones near the base. Overpriced for poor quality and small portions. I spent about $10 for a pork sandich that must have been assembled with tweezers, was dry, flavorless and I was charged for a second dollop of sauce. I wanted to try mild and hot and as I recall it was an extra buck for about an ounce in those little plastic cups. Greens were fair.

        1. re: foodfan

          Oh dear! I guess times are changing on Webster -- I'm dying for Aquacotta to open -- but losing Albert's is not a good change!

          Someone else mentioned Kamakura -- just a note that Kamakura is a couple of miles away off Park St.

    2. You might consider having lunch before, or at least a hearty breakfast. You will leave Hangar One spinning otherwise--they're quite generous with their pours.

      1. For Japanese food....Kamakura Sushi

        1. I would hate to hear that Bacci is gone. They made some of the best italian sandwiches around, toasted or plain. We've moved away from Alameda but I would still hate to hear that they have closed.