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Sep 6, 2007 06:10 PM

A roadhouse south of Santa Rosa?

Help me with my memory, Chowhounds! There was a 'road-house' style restaurant a little south of Santa Rosa (and west of the 101) that I ate at a few years back. It was in a very old building, somewhat historical I believe. Pretty good food, not GREAT, but I really liked the overall feeling of eating there. Can anyone help with the name? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. could it be the Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley.. I used to love eating there

    1. That would be Washoe House in Petaluma, established in 1859. Here's a recent post,

      Fried chicken, biscuits, buffalo burger, and pie are the most popular (and reliable) items.

      Washoe House
      Stony Point Rd and Roblar Rd, Petaluma, CA

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I've completly missed this place before. I found a long review of it (undated) at . it says "Open daily for lunch and dinner. 707.795.4544".

      2. The Washoe House

        Washoe House
        Stony Point Rd and Roblar Rd, Petaluma, CA

        1. If you want to really slum it.... check out Red's off the Highway 116 going towards Stony Point... will be on the right side.

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          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            Are you talking about Red's Recovery Room? They serve food? I always got the impression it was just a bar, albiet an ironically named one.

            1. re: chocolateninja

              Just peanuts or something like that.... it didn't seem like the OP was after food but rather the atmosphere. Red's would be perfect before or after the House.

            2. re: Eat_Nopal

              Would you believe that Red's Recovery Room actually has a website?!?

              Red's Recovery Room
              8175 Gravenstein Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931

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                Just the THOUGHT of Red's serving food turns my stomach lol

              2. WASHOE HOUSE!!! That's the one I was thinking of. THANKS!!!!!!
                I'll look at the other ideas too!